Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sleepy Saturday?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

Today we have been sort of seriously lazy. We over slept this morning, didn't get up until seven thirty! We wandered out to the garden, found it was raining and went back to bed!

A run around The Football Field a little later, with The Missus,  didn't really help to wake us up. I had a chase of the ball but had no real heart in it and Holly, she just sat down and watched the world go by!

Back home for a brush and a nibble of chicken was followed by a 'snoozette' with Old Two Legs in his office. Holly decided to stay downstairs and stretch out on the sofa and sleep under TM's jacket!

Do we have it made or wot!

Lunch time OTL took us to he Sea Wall but this time we didn't see anyone collecting sea weed, however, we did see three Ringed Plovers on the wave breakers, normally they are well out on the mud flats.

Three Ringed Plovers.

A bit further on we saw a Little Egret, pity it wasn't the Great White Egret, but you can't win them all!

Another Little Egret!

Holly found a stick, so we played 'Grab' and first Holly had the stick, then I got it, then Holly and finally, we broke it and no one had it!

My Stick!

TM is out baby sitting tonight, so OTL is getting the whisky out and the shortbread! We're in for a good night tonight especially as we have got the last Harry Potter DVD so we're watching that as well, providing it's not too scary, 'cos OTL hides under the cushion when it gets too dark and scary and then we got to give him a cuddle and hold his paw!

What baby!

See you tomrrow, but not too early, we want a lie in tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Nice pictures.... love the birds but, of course, my favourite is the one of you two! Be good until I get home tomorrow! xxx

  2. Cor, you gave TM a lie in till 7.30, ain't you nice puppies.

    Bird Pics are lovely, OTL has certainly got the Knack and the equipment, bet he dont wear a RED coat he he.

    Nice one of Daisy and the stick, be it half. XXX

  3. Cor everyone got to lay in, I bet you make up for it tomorrow!!!

    Nice bird picture (lucky they were that close)

  4. Hello you two woofers, nice little egret shot !
    I'm having a lazy sunday too....chicken Mmmmmmmmm
    love yas
    slobbery licks

  5. cor... we have had a busy day!