Sunday, 25 March 2012

We Sight The Buoy Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Who forgot to turn the clocks forward last night? We didn't 'cos most of the clocks here are automatically controlled and jump forward and backwards on their own, trouble is, they don't warn us they are going to do it! So we wake up thinking it is early, about seven, our normal 'Wake Up Time' only to find it's eight and we are late!

Why not leave it as it is and if you want to get up early to milk the cows, get up early, leave the rest of us in bed, if it's dark we'll just turn on the light!

So, late, we headed for the Sea Wall, the sun was still in bed, (his clock is not automatic, just perpetual!), the mist was down again and it was, chilly!

We spotted The Buoy on the beach, he had been up stream to see the Rochester Bridge and have a wander around The Docks.  Now he had parked himself on the beach and was waiting for the sun to come out so he can do a bit of sun bathing to improve his tan!

Waiting for the sun!

Then OTL spotted the Cable Barge, he says that it takes out loads of heavy cable and 'Knits Together' all the Wind Powered Generators' in the Thames Estuary. He knows this 'cos he did some work on the vessel some time ago when they were doing the last lot of generators!

A Big Knitting Machine!
OTL decided he wasn't going to wash the caravan again in this weather 'cos he always gets wet when he is sloshing the water about and while it's OK in the sun, in the cold it gets uncomfortable for him!

So, this morning we stayed in doors, had a snooze and watched the replay if the F1 race.

Shame Button had everything go wrong for him but Hamilton got third and it was good to see Sauber come in second. Holly reckoned that there was so much water there they should have used boats instead of cars!

Our afternoon walk was still misty and a bit chilly but we did see the Buoy again and he was just coming back from a swim!

Just been for a swim!
The water was splashing up against the Sea Wall, so Holly and I stayed away from the wall 'cos we didn't want to get too wet!

What happened to Summer?

Back home for a warm cuddle with OTL and a Chicken Dinner!

See you tomorrow and let's hope the sun shines or we will be going away with a grubby caravan and The Missus won't like that, will she Precious!

No she won't!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Was a bit chilly and grey out there today me hearties to say the least.

    That ol buoy will be around for years at this rate, why not get OTL to tie it up somewhere.

    I cut the grass today for the first time and it wore me out.

    Like the sea hitting the wall shot, not keen on the dreamy water shots, well done OTL. XX

  2. Blogger is rubbish, just left a comment and it came up with an error!

    Will try again later X x

  3. Sorry, it said not published and error, when I looked it was published. I will be looking for a better blog later this google is rubbish. X

  4. Every time this blogger goes wrong, OTL sends them feedback.

    He explains what went wrong and the error codes, then says this Blogger version SUCKS!!!

    Who knows, if we all did that maybe they will stop messing about with it!

  5. I don't know what you two are getting up to going out at that time of the morning, it was freezing out.

    I like the water shot as it shows movement in the water.

    I went out yesterday afternoon and only stayed out 10 minutes as it felt like -10 outside the car.

    Not had any trouble for a long while with the blogger, maybe it is because I am using Windows 7......

    It looks warmer outside today.