Saturday, 17 November 2012

It's Another Misty Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly Back with you again!

Last night, after we had mugged Old Two Legs at dinner time, we settled down to an evening snooze and  cuddle. I was getting fed up with the noise that Holly was making with the carrot she was chewing. Also, I fancied a chew of the carrot as well but Holly wouldn't let me near her and her precious carrot.

So, I jumped down from the sofa and went over to OTL and asked him for the ball so I could have a game of 'Chase The Ball'

So, OTL tossed the ball down the room and I went after it! Then I threw it up in the air and attacked it and generally had a good game!

Now I know that Holly has this thing about having what ever I have and of course, when she saw me having fun with the ball, she wanted the ball as well! So, she jumped down and rushed over to me and grabbed the ball, I let her have it, but then I rushed back to the sofa, jumped up and grabbed the carrot.

Which was what I'd been after from the beginning!

Sneaky or wot!

On our run down on The Sea Wall, we went hunting rats again but couldn't find any, Holly said that they were still in bed!

We said Good Morning to Mrs Corvid who was looking for breakfast.

Breakfast Calling!
 Then we spotted a Little Egret also searching for breakfast!

Shrimpy, Shrimpy, Shrimpy!
 Even the Wormy Men were out looking for Worms!

Wormy, Wormy, Wormy!
 Holly said that it was just too misty to chase rabbits or rats, so, she will have a practice at dancing the Dog Trot again!

Do, Do, POINT, Yeah!
 You know, she is getting really good at the 'Point' bit!

 Lunch time came and OTL made himself a sandwich and a cup of tea. We mugged him for some of the sandwich but we left him to drink the tea on his own!

He was going to sit down and watch the F1 Qualifying but we reminded him that we have been promised a run down the Forest again!

Off we went, woofing at the people on the path and blowing raspberries at the other cars!

When we got there, it was amazing just how many leaves were on the ground, that's a sure sign that the winter is on its way!

A Carpet of Leaves!
I was hunting squirrel right away and rushed off into the woods looking for those squirrels hiding their nuts!

OTL was poking his camera into the branches of the trees to get the last shots before the leaves disappear all together.

Just about to fall off the tree!
Holly found the Fairy Queens Throne that she had been looking for for some time but this time she decided that she would not sit in it 'cos there were too many damp, wet leaves on the seat!

Fairy Queens Throne
OTL found some greeny yellow looking fungi and said that he wished he had brought his flash with him.
 Holly said 'Flash Wot?'

Green Fungi
 I was too busy looking for those squirrels, I searched under the bushes, up in the trees, then I tried climbing up the trees to get a better view of the surrounding grass and ferns.

Still no squirrels!
 This was getting embarrassing, a Super Hunting Terrier like me should be able to flush them squirrels out and chase them up and down the forest floor. Today I was not only failing to find a squirrel but I didn't even get a fresh sniff of one!

Oh! The shame of it, I was Squirreless!

 Then, close to the last log on the back path, I spotted a movement in the leaves, I was instantly alert and ready to pounce!

I Spy Movement!
 There, in perfect camouflage, blending perfectly with the leaves, not moving a muscle was Ben. He is the soppiest mutt in the forest, just when I'm hunting squirrel, all he wants to do is play 'Chase' and 'Sniff Your Tail'!

Can't see me!
 That was it! I'd had enough, not only had the squirrels stayed hidden but I got sniffed by a dopey puppy!

I decided to help OTL find trees to photograph and here's one I recommend!

Recommended by Daisy, wee'd on by Holly!
 Back home OTL slept all the way through the F1 practice!

Poor thing gets tired after a long walk and needs his rest!

The Missus got back from her 'Crop' thing in the village hall and couldn't show us what she had made, so we reckon it was another day spent gassing, drinking coffee and eating cream cakes, as normal!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi Girls,
    Sorry I missed you but had a very busy day charging about.
    Smashing blog again with lovely pictures, my fav is Ben in the leaves. XX

  2. Oh what beautiful autumn colours, loved every bit of your blog and the thought of TM eating those cream cakes, mmmmm -- I hope you left some carrot for Holly, it helps with her eye sight and helps find the squirrels, or so they say. xx