Thursday, 14 February 2013


Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again on a super sunny day!

First of all a Big Woofin 'Hello' to Pauline who has been brave enough to let us know she is a 'Follower' of this Blog!

I mean, what's wrong with reading the thoughts of a three year old little doggy!

Unless your a cat, now a cat, they wouldn't be seen anywhere near my blog!

We were up a bit earlier this morning and Old Two Legs managed to get out a bit quicker than normal. It was all down to Snowflake being woken up by The Missus who walked into the office going 'Cooeee! Snowflake, are you awake yet?'

As Snowflake said, 'I wasn't but I am now!'

So that means OTL can get inside to do the house cleaning and Snowflake can get out for an early slurp of Ferretone and a run around the office while OTL is poo shovelling!

One of the good things about ferrets is that they are very clean animals, they always poo in the same spot, (unless the poo pile gets too high!) and they are obsessive  'Tidy Uppers!'

She is always running out, grabbing her toys and hiding them away in her 'Hidy Holes'.

This morning she hit the big one!

OTL was clearing up, Snowflake was running around, OTL left the Ferretone on the floor with a drop inside the flip type cap.

Snowflake had her lick and then managed to shut the cap down. Then she 'Tidied Up' the Ferretone and dragged the bottle off into her cardboard box where all the toys were stashed.

It was ages before OTL found the bottle!

Down on The Sea Wall we met up with Mrs Corvid who was mooching around looking for some breakfast. She said that the choice of sea food always gets bad during the Winter Time. Holly suggested that she might like to have a bit of Two Legs food, like Beef Burgers which really weren't beef but instead horse.

Mrs Corvid said that she couldn't do that 'cos she may be eating someone she had known!

No Neddies for me thank you!
I found some strange smelling stuff on the path, I jus' couldn't work out what it was, Holly says it might be Weasel or even a Stoat!

I asked how she knew that?

She said that a Weasel poo was Weasly recognised but a Stoat's is Stoatally different!


Oh No, I hear you groan, you should have heard what OTL said later.
We were walking along and he stopped, looked at us and said,

'Hey, you two, what should you put on your beef pie?'

'Dunno, what do you put on your beef pie?' we said

£5 each way, Boom Boom!

He is getting worse as he gets older!

Back in the car Holly noticed that the water bowl was missing and said that had she known it wasn't in the car, she would have had a drink from the puddle back down the path!

Oi! Where's me Water Bowl?
OTL gave us both a rub down with the towel to dry off but I was still a bit damp and slightly chilly, so, I looked at OTL and asked if I could have a cuddle on his lap until I warmed up!

I could really do with a cuddle!
He called me a wimp, but I still got my cuddle before we set off back home!

Lunch time we went down The New Park and the sun was shining but there was a slight breeze, which added to the balmy feel of the day, Spring is just around the corner!

Holly said that on days like this it really makes you feel good!

Feeling Good!
OTL and I were playing 'Chase The Ball', well I chased it and then he chased me to get the ball back! Holly was just enjoying the chat with the other dogs as we strolled along in the sun shine.

Holly said that just two days ago when we came here there was snow everywhere and just look at it now!
No Snow, just sunshine and showers!
There was one Spaniel and his owner enjoying a breather at the top of the hill and a bask in the sunshine!

Just having a breather girls, just a breather!
Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, maybe it will be sunny and we can go down the park again. I know that on Saturday we, that is Holly, Me and OTL are off to have a look at a Pet Hotel where Snowflake will stay when we go on holiday later this year.  Before booking her in OTL wants to make sure she will be happy and comfortable there and also if she can have her own cage, which you know is enormous! It's a pity we can't take Snowflake with us but OTL says she is not yet fully trained to go out visiting.

Holly says that it will be hard training a ferret to walk to heel, lets face it, we don't, unless OTL gets all 'Stroppy'!

Friday tomorrow and then the weekend!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. Stick to yer day job OTL.. boom! boom!

  2. My shoulders are broad Daisy, and I don't mind if people know that I read about, talk to and listen to what animals have to say, most of the time you lot talk more sense than us lot!!!! I am enjoying your capers, keep on keeping on...... hugs and strokes. Pauline xxx

  3. Hi Girls,
    How do you put up with OTL's jokes, no wonder you look sad sometimes. Love the Pic of you wanting a cuddle that's a great shot but remember not to tell OTL.
    Well this Snowflake is getting so much attention, going to look at her pet hotel to see if it is suitable, I don't know, get OTL to get her a phone then he can send text messages to her whilst you are away. LOL XXX

  4. Hello to Pauline, I think it is everyone else's loss not to read this Blog as it is wonderful and I miss it when your paws are sore and you can't get OTL to type for you!
    Lovely stories and the jokes - I love em. Your expressions, you can look so sad and appealing, I can see why you came to like in Ferret Towers before Snowflake. Have a good run in the sunshine tomorrow and I will wait to read all about it. Hugs and cuddles. xxx