Monday, 29 April 2013

Snowflake shows off and we go down to the woods!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

We had a New Person log on to us yesterday, someone called 'Lazy Sunday' (my sort of person!)

Then we looked closer, it was Archie and Elaine! Now what's all this sneaky stuff then? Trying to trick us like that!

Mind you, that picture of Archie is really super, we can even see his whiskers!

Wot a posh puppy he is turning out to be!

We went for our normal walk along The Sea Wall but Snowflake was all 'Twitchy' and she kept on wanting to go back rather than the way we normally go.

Can we go back this way?
 We thought she was just showing off, wanting to go the opposite way to everyone else!

Pleeese, can we go back?
 She was getting really jittery, and kept looking over her shoulder as if there was a big bad dog after her!

I don't know, I can't explain why, it's just a feeling!
Holly had a chat with her to find out if she was just being a Bossy Boots but she looked scared but didn't know why!

Old Two Legs was getting a bit fed up and picked her up and took her down the beach. Well the first thing she did was to duck down and refuse to move backwards or forwards and when OTL knelt down next to her she jumped up onto his lap and then scuttled up and around the back of his head!

I'm not moving another inch!
OTL decided that she was too scared of something but we couldn't work out what it was, so back to the car went Snowflake and she curled up in her travelling cage and wrapped herself in the towels she has stored in there.

Back along the path OTL spotted a bird up in the sky and reckoned that it was the thing that Snowflake was getting all nervous about, it was a Kestrel.

We are not sure if a Kestrel would attack a ferret but it certainly could do some damage with its talons!

I like mouses, voles, water rats and little ferrets!
 Holly and I enjoyed our walk and even had a go at digging the rabbits out of the hole but OTL got to us before we could do any serious damage and off we went back to see Snowflake.

We told her about the Kestrel and she said that she had always been frightened by hunting birds!

Diggin Rabbit!
 This afternoon we went out delivery stuff and ended up in The Forest, which we haven't been to for such a long time. There were flowers growing on the forest floor and the trees were just beginning to look green where the leaves are starting to come out. OTL spotted the flowers and off he went to get some pictures.

Looks pretty, dunno what it is though!
 We were having a mooch around, catching up on the sniffs when we heard a load of woofing coming from back down the path. There was a youngster charging along the path, woofing, stopping, going back, then rushing up to us again woofing!

'Upon my life' says Holly, 'Another Bozo!'

It's Meeee!
 OTL was still away with the Fairies and the plants, this is the first Bluebell of the year, for OTL!

English Bluebell!
 We were off hunting squirrel but we didn't see a thing, they must have still been in bed!

OTL found some more flowers and even I thought these were pretty!

Pretty, but still dunno what they are!
 We had a good run and all too soon we were close to the last gate before the car park. 'Well' said Holly, 'It's made a good change from The New Park'

I'm in agreement with her, charging about on the grass and having a swim is all OK, but there are times when the forest is just right on a Spring Day!

OK OTL, back home it is!
 Back home to a second helping of Lambs Heart tonight, so we are set up for a good snooze afterwards, until OTL gets the Shortbread out of course!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake!


  1. sorry for sneaking up on you Daisy but we thought we'd blog some of my bits of paper and glittery bits. Poor Snowflake, I wouldn't like to be around if there was a kestrel about and I was a small furry Snowflake. Flower piccies are lovely, how nice to have a run round the woods with all those pretty new flowers growing. Enjoy your after dinner snoozes all xxx

    1. Oh Archie is blushing at your description of him being a posh puppy xx