Saturday, 18 May 2013


Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!


Snowflake has gone off to the Health Spar, in fact we took her there this morning, together with the Snowy Bungalow!

You know what, there was another female ferret there as well and they got to chatting while Old Two Legs was assembling Snowy Bungalow!

Well, OTL calls it 'chuckling', so we don't think she is going to be lonely!

So we reckon that she will have a few tales to tell when she gets back!

Before we took Snowflake there was one appointment we had to keep, a visit to the Master Class!

Well, OTL pulled up in the car park and as quick as a flash, in we went, Holly, Snowflake (carried by OTL) and me!

We of course were looking to see if Archie had managed to blag a lift down to see us but unfortunately, he must have got found out as he tried to stowaway!

Well, after some woofing by us and getting stroked, and of course Snowflake got loads of strokes as well, we got thrown out by The Missus who wanted to get back to sloshing the glue pot about again!

After saying bye to Snowflake, who, by the way, met up with another ferret in the hotel, OTL headed for the Doggy Shop.

Oh! The Sniffs!

I don't think I could ever get tired of sniffin that place. There is so much Doggy Treats including Chicken Fillets (Super Fave) Beef Bones (Second Fave) and Rabbits, which OTL still says are not for nibbling!

We got OTL to stock up on loads of treat ready for the holidays and we also brought away three soft rubber squeaky balls for Snowflake when she comes back from the Health Spar!

No pictures I'm afraid, there was just too much rushing about today and OTL had to leave the camera at home.

We will do our best to get a daily report from wherever we are and get OTL to take loads of pictures, of us, having a super time.

Tomorrow we will be in Gretna Green, where OTL & TM got married some twenty six years ago!

Fingers crossed for some sun shine!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake


  1. If I'd found Archie stowing away, I would have turned a blind eye, he's seen the pictures of you's that I took and he has decided you are his pin up girls. I may have to find a way to pinning them to his cage. Apparently he cried all the time because he couldn't come and meet his furry girl friends. It was lovely to meet you all and I hope you all have a lovely time in Scotland ......... watch out for nargles xxx

  2. Did you take the Smidge cream? Happy holiday to Snowflake, she will be happy in her bungalow with her new friend. Happy Anniversary to TM and OTL.
    Have a super super holiday, take lots of pictures and stay out of the glue and glitter pots. xx

  3. Hi Girls, have a super holiday, safe journey. XXX