Saturday, 31 August 2013

Sea, Sand, Swimming and Digging Holes!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wot a Day!

It started off with Old Two Legs getting up at least an hour earlier than normal, which is very unusual!

Our walk along the Sea Wall was good and the ferrets spent too long digging holes!

The temperature was a bit low and Miss Snowflake didn't want to get down from OTL's arms to be gin with!

The sun shone through the clouds onto a small sailing boat in the estuary, all very pretty!

White Sails in the Sunrise!
Back we went and while we were having breakfast OTL sneaked out and went to pick up Sassy and Tilly!

When they arrived we had a game in the garden and The Missus put together a big picnic spread and packed it all up in the 'Cool Bag'!

Next stop Minnis Bay!

Minnis Bay is super, loads of sand all over the place and loads of beach to run on!

We started off by having a picnic first, TM found a shelter and laid out the picnic on the shelter seat, all very posh looking it was!

Posh Meal
We all sat down and had a good feast!

and now a drink!
After the picnic we headed off to the Beach!

I found this great big puddle that was wet and warm! I had a good deep paddle and cooled off all my bits and OTL was even throwing the ball in for me to fetch!

There's Paddling and there is Deep Paddling!
We ran and chased and woofed and rolled on the sand then we dug some holes and then after all that, we had a paddle and started all over again!

Tilly said she was feeling a bit cold 'cos the wind was blowing in off the sea, so OTL gave her his fleece to put on.

Obi-Wan Kenobi?
We went back to the car and OTL had this brilliant idea that everyone thought was wonderful.

A Mr Whippy Ice Cream!

Mr Whippy Cone for two!
Of course, lessons have to be learnt, like, You Have to Eat It Fast!

It's running down my fingers!
All in all we had a great time and on the way back everyone fell asleep, except OTL who had to drive!

So, now we are all tired little puppies and everyone has decided to have an early night, except OTL who says he is going to have a slurp and some shortbread.

It's a sort of 'Good Bye' to being a pig and to try to loose some weight. That's the reason that tomorrow, he is going to collect a rowing machine he purchased on eBay.

Now this should be a laugh!

How long before he sells it?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. What a lovely day and beautiful pictures. You girls certainly do have lots of fun. I bet Sassy and Tilly had a beautiful day with you.
    And that picnic looked good. Hope OTL enjoys his rowing machine .......... maybe it will stop him from shouting and falling out of bed in his sleep. :) xx

  2. Lovely pictures and I see it was TM feeding the two puppies, bet she bought the ice cream too.
    Is OTL taking after Trevor and going on a health kick? Rowing machine my eye just take the doggies on a longer walk, it's cheaper. XXX