Saturday, 5 October 2013

I'm a Tick Free Zone!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy & Holly!

Sorry about the short blog last night but things were a bit 'HeckTic' if you know what I mean!

I went to bed with the tick still chomping away at my cheek. In the morning it looked a bit bigger, according to Old Two Legs, so, out with the computer to find a local vet and start dialling on the telephone!

We got an early appointment with the local vets practice but there was only nurses in and no vets. The nurses said that a simple tick would be no problem and she would have it out in no time!

You know, she never even saw the tick before giving up and running to the telephone to talk to a real vet in their Bury St Edmunds branch!

That was it, into the car we went and landed in the vets place and sat in the waiting room waiting for all the other animals to go in before us.

I got woofed at by a big black hairy thing and sniffed at by a small bald thing and hissed at by a cat with a sore paw who was sitting next to us!

Then it was my turn.

In we go and OTL explains about the tick and my 'Blue Coat Syndrome'.

'Ho Ho' says the vet, 'I'm sure we'll get on just fine', and then she tickles my ear and sticks her stethoscope onto my chest.

It was about then that I managed to climb up OTL and was almost sitting on his head! It was only then that the vet said that maybe OTL being there didn't help matters, so I was taken out the back for them to try to check my pulse and see the tick.

About three minutes later they came back and said that they couldn't check or see anything and maybe an anaesthetic would be the best idea!

OTL did suggest that they try the La-La pill we gave to Holly to calm her down before having her hair cut but the vet didn't feel happy with that and gave OTL an estimate for the anaesthetic treatment!

It was OTL's turn to 'Not Feel Very Happy'

You know, OTL does go into shock so easily nowadays!

Well, OTL and I were parted and he had to wander the streets for an hour and I got a needle stuck into me and I was off into La-La Land.

I awoke with a thumping big head ache and I was a bit wobbly on my legs as well, but after an hour I was let out of the cage and marched out to see OTL waiting for me!

We both got out of there PDQ and I crashed out in the car with this headache still crashing around between my ears.

The good thing was, the tick had gone, and my cheek was a bit sore but wet with some antiseptic cream the vet had sloshed on my chops!

I slept all the way back to the caravan and OTL put me on the bed and I crashed out again!

Holly has asked that we put on the pictures from yesterday down on the beach where we both got in the poo again and I got the tick!

So here goes!

First of all Holly has chosen this one 'cos she says she looks good having a roll!

Jus' Rollin' Around!
Next she wants this one 'cos she thinks it's funny 'cos it looks like she is shouting into the sand!

Is there anyone there?
I like this one 'cos it shows me 'Paw Surfin' 'cos it wasn't deep enough to swim in!

Me, doing a Beach Babe Paw Surfin!
This one shows the beach and the storm that missed us!

That was close!
This is after we went off chasing rabbits and me getting a tick and us both getting in trouble with OTL for running off on our own.

No, this time it Definitely was Your Fault!
By the way, we were both covered in those nasty burrs and that's how OTL spotted the tick!

Today has been an 'Eventful Day' and I promise not to pick up any more ticks this holiday!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy (Sore Head and Chops!) & Holly


  1. Awww so sorry to hear about your an-tic's of this morning. Archie has been very worried about you. We're both glad you've lost your lodger. Lovely Pictures of yesterday, at least you had some fun before that nasty, horrible creature became attached. Hope your head stops aching soon, I'm sure you're going to get a nice dinner tonight and lots of cuddles. Is OTL's wallet feeling any better yet? Archie isn't sure whether he prefers head aches to his bum ache. Have a lovely rest and hopefully tomorrow will be a much nicer day for you :) xx

  2. Glad you are okay daisy it a good job the T M want with you as you ended up in bury st. Edmunds as there is a nice craft shop OTL wallet would have been empty enjoy the rest of your holiday ginny x

  3. Ah, poor Daisy, why did that nasty tic think he could have a free lunch on you? Glad it is all sorted, you must try to calm down at the Vets it made for the headache and sinking wallet, what are you like?
    Have a lovely Sunday and I hope your check feels better, I am sure that shortbread and lambs heart will do the job well. xxxx

  4. I am glad that is over and you are ok but it is a pity you did not put up a picture of OTL with his wallet in his hand. I is so rare that nobody has seen it for years.

  5. Gald all is ok now. We'll done Daisy. 🐺. X

  6. Saw that TM said on her FB....I mean her glue & glitter page that you were better today ... nothing like a good long snooze to get rid of a headache and lots of cuddles and good scoff too of course. Bet Holly missed you and was pleased to see you back. xxx Annie and Jasper (Bozo)

  7. Yo Jasper!
    Holly was worried when OTL and I took off but she gave me a lick on the nose when I got back. I must say that I did have a grumble at her when she wanted to play 'Chase' but I just settled to try to sleep off the head ache!
    See You Soon!