Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Day After!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here with you again!

Now, first things first, no shouting!

After yesterdays fun and games and pigging out last night we both are a little 'delicate' this morning!

We had our run out this morning and managed to dodge the showers, so that was good, but the morning was spent being very quiet and snoozing on the bed while Old Two Legs finished off his VAT thing.

Both ferrets enjoyed the run out and Snowflake did manage to wee on the ground instead of all over OTL's coat, (his second, very special mountain climbing coat)!

We could see the rain all around us but there were breaks in the clouds and we could see the blue sky's above, so, claws crossed, it may clear up later today!

Loads of Rain!
Snowflake and Mr Brambles had their dig in the sand and sniff among the sea weed then they stopped and looked at the clouds. 'Come on' says Mr Brambles, we have just got time to get back to the car before it starts raining again!

OK girl, are you ready to go?
That was it, we were all off back to the car and you know what? It started to rain just as OTL was opening the car door, that Mr Brambles is good!

Talk about a close thing!

We did have to run from the car into the house but that was just a little bit of water that OTL soon dried off us!

Lunch time came and we were feeling a bit more 'Doggy' than first thing this morning!

I sat at OTL's office door and did my special 'I wanna go out' whine, it works every time!

Soon we were down on the Sea Wall and the sun was shining and the tide was coming in and I just fancied a swim, however, OTL saw the look in my eye and reminded me that I have my super new collar on and it wasn't ready yet for a swim in the sea!

Instead of swimming we went off sniffin' the sniffs and chasing each other around the beach.

Now, yesterday we forgot to show you our 'Birthday Portrait' and that was because OTL hadn't taken it!

So, here we are, a Birthday Picture of Holly and Daisy, four years old and with our fancy new collars!

Now we have a problem, which one shall we choose? OTL likes the first one and I like the second one but Holly reckons number three is the best.

So, we have decided to let you choose which one will be our 'Official Birthday Portrait'

Number 1

Number 2


Number 3
As it is our birthday we will not ask for votes on a five pound note, instead we will just take comments below!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. That Mr Brambles is a bit of a weather guru isn't he. Sounds as if you had good scoff last night then?? I did wonder if you would have an official portrait done for your birthday ... like royalty do ... and as OTL is such a keen photographer ... it really is hard to choose but I think I like no 1 best cos your both showing 'your best side' and looking a bit 'what shall we do next' which is a good look for a dog to have. xx Annie & Jasper

  2. Archie and I love all 3, so we're not much help .......... sorry, but any picture of you girls is always going to be brilliant. I hope you's didn't over do it with the slurps last night. Good to hear that you had a lovely birthday dinner. Mr Brambles is getting good at forecasting the weather ......... he could get a job with the beeb .... better looking than a lot of the presenters. Glad to hear Snowflake managed to hold on until she was on the ground. Have a lovely evening recovering from your birthday bash :) xxx

  3. My fav is number 1. Ollie and Jasper also like No 1 but what do they know - they are cats! Come to think of it, what do I know I am the cat lady!!! Kx

  4. No 2; you both look so cute! Happy birthday girls. x

  5. That Mr Brambles is a clever fellow, maybe the Met Office will give him a job, help pay for your chicken dinners.
    I like No. 3 best as you are both looking, although I bet Holly doesn't approve of how much slimmer you look and taller. Glad you had a super birthday, four years old, impossible to believe. xxxx