Thursday, 14 November 2013

Back to decorating...........again!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

This morning, we were curled up on Old Two Legs bed, gently snoozing when OTL rolled out of bed and headed towards the office! The alarm had been turned off, (We're sure The Missus did it!) but OTL is conditioned to wake up at the same time each morning if he wants to get his daily dose of pain and sweat!

Just to get him going, Holly and I crept into the office just as he was sitting down on the rowing machine. We both jumped up onto his lap and gave him a 'Good Morning' lick!

That got him going and we headed back to bed, well we're not all that daft!

The sun was up so after OTL had thrashed around for forty minutes wearing himself out, he had a shower and got dressed and then had breakfast with the ferrets, afterwards we were off to the Sea Wall!

Snowflake was doing her 'Cuddle Me' bit but Mr Brambles was all up for a game.

First of all he crept along the bottom of the Sea Wall, we were all doing our own thing and didn't take too much notice.

Here we go..........creepy creepy!
 Mr Brambles had it in his mind to creep up on one of us and do his 'Nip Yer Legs' trick!

So, there I was, sniffin' the sniffs and checking out the sea weed stuck in the rocks when........

I've almost gotcha!
He came flying up at the last moment but I was just too quick for him! In a flash I had jumped forward and left him looking at a rock instead of my back leg!

Next he went off to Holly and the pair of them had a game of 'Grab the Sea Weed'! The idea is that you both stand six feet away from the Sea Weed Ball and count down 3-2-1-GO!

3  -  2  -  1   -
Mr Brambles is a 'Past Master' at this game and has developed a trick of letting you get to the ball first, then he jumps up and bangs his head on your nose!

He always wins!

Holly and I had a game as well and I tried the trick, but Holly had decided to use the trick as well!

It's the Mr B Move! On Yer Head Mate!
 Mr Brambles was watching and was chuckling away to himself, in the end he called out that he would play us both, at the same time!

I'll take both of you the same time!
We declined, we're not that brave!

Back home it was Doggy Scoff, again, Yuk! YUK! YUK!

Will she never learn? She opens a tin of scoff, puts it in our bowl, we don't eat it, she throws it away.

Wast of money buying Doggy Scoff, should have spent it on Chicken bits, especially as they are the same price!

Lunch time we were off down the town with OTL, then afterwards we stopped at the New Park. Loads of fun chasing a tennis ball OTL found in a puddle! It was OK until OTL threw it and it bounced in a pile of poo. Now, with that on the ball there was no way I'm picking it up with my mouth! So OTL had to wipe it off and wash it in another puddle!

We spotted a couple of dogs in the most colourful jackets we've seen for a long time, Holly just couldn't stop herself from laughing!

I bet you support Manchester United!
OTL started taking 'Moody' shots of The Watchers, we just carried on chatting to the other doggies we met!
Here's Watching You Kid!
I don't know what it is with OTL, he suddenly stops and pokes the camera towards the clouds and clicks away!

Another 'Moody' shot!
While he was playing with the camera I had a word with one of the young cows and told her all about TM and the scoff, 'Well' she said, 'There's no way you would get me eating that stuff!'

No Scoff for me!
Holly whispered in my ear that some of the scoff might be cow and wasn't that a bit like cannibalism?

That Holly is so terrible sometimes!

It was a good run and although it is getting a bit colder it was still worth going all that way 'cos there is so much grass we can run on and it's so full of sniffs!

Mind you, OTL kept us away from the Swimming Hole, spoil sport, I just fancied a quick splash but I suppose it would have been a bit cold afterwards and we didn't have a towel with us either!

Back home and the scoff sniffed just as bad as when we left it to go out.

Looks like we will be starving tonight, wasting away, we'll be a couple of transparent doggies tomorrow, we will have faded away to nothing!

See you tomorrow, if we make it through the night!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. That's it, I'm bringing my handbag on Saturday, that naughty TM, she doesn't learn! I hope you both make it thru the night, I would miss your blog terribly, I'm surprised you have the strength to write it sometime. Poor Daisy, Poor Holly. Lovely blog today though, with lots of lovely pictures. That Mr Brambles is a right tease. I would have taken that cow home and told TM that's what you want for brekkie. I hope you have got some good muggings tonight girls. :) xxx

    1. That was TMs idea, give them doggie scoff and others will take pity of them! Good for you, enjoy Saturday.

  2. Lovely pics today ... that Mr B is back on form I see, ooooooooooooh he really had the look in his eye when he was stalking you girls. Girls I really don't know what you can do about this scoff business ... you could hide the tin opener I suppose, but I think I just wouldn't get up tomorrow and tell OTL that you're too weak to go walking and maybe he'll be on cooking duties again and do some batch cooking ... he might even make TM a Doggy Scoff Pie for tea ... just imagine girls .... better go before your TM bars me from here for putting bad ideas in your heads ooooh er ..missus xxx Jasper & Annie

  3. Daisy, did you say that OTL had breakfast with the ferrets? Maybe that is a good idea for you two, that ferret food sounds alot better than you get offered. TM has so much on her mind at the moment with her glue and glitter parties that her loyalties have sadly gone de-funked, I just hope that they mind themselves soon before you two are too weak to do your guarding duties. Tell OTL that the pictures were superb today but not to knit me a red and white stripped coat for Christmas. xxxx

  4. Hi Girls and the lad, I recon a petition is required so that you two can eat properly and dump this Yuk once and for all.
    Great pictures today loved the moody cloud shot and the watcher. Glad OTL didn't let you go swimming, its to cold. XXX