Monday, 30 December 2013

An Arboreal Adventure That Didn't Happen and The Rat Man Cometh!

Hi Woofers!

It's us, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a day! It started of with Old Two Legs getting up early, well, normal time really but he has been lazy for the last week or two 'cos of his 'Cold'! We took a look outside and could see that the rain was just starting, you see we could see the drops of rain being blown past the street lamp that was still shining 'cos it was still dark outside!

With that knowledge, OTL decided that the ferrets could stay in bed and get their exercise by running around the office!

We just love a late snooze!
So, after donning our rain coats we were off to the Sea Wall. his time we went on our 'Doggy Route' which is a bit longer than the 'Ferret Route' and doesn't include the beach!

It started off with the wind blowing us along the path, from behind, then as we turned the corner it was blowing our whiskers back into our faces!

OTL had brought the big camera with him this morning, so he was playing about trying to photograph the lights on Sheerness Docks!

The Lights of Sheerness Docks!
We didn't hang about too much 'cos the wind was blowing the rain onto us and there's one thing we don't like and that is High Speed Rain!

Back home we helped tidy the ferret house and sorted out our beds. Then there was a ring on the door bell. Well, being 'First Class Guard Dogs' we flew down stairs Woofin' and Howling and Snarling in our best Guard Dog Mode!

It was Richard, the Postman and he had brought a couple of parcels. The first was some card making stuff for The Missus, so she should be happy for the rest of the day!

The other parcel was the Big Cheese Rat Trap! Exciting stuff!

OTL opened the box up and pulled the contraption out. It was all metal and galvanised, so it shouldn't rust out in the rain, and it is 'Non Lethal' which means the rat is trapped alive. We had seen some mouse traps that use a big spring to whack the mouse, which is very quick but not in line with OTL's outlook on life, you know we reckon OTL must have been a Buddhist in a previous existence!

What to bait it with? We had a big discussion about this and in the end decided to experiment with stuff a rat might like. There is cheese and peanut butter and bread and jam and cake and biscuits and cereal and doggy scoff and maybe Ferret Kibble?

Decisions, decisions! In the end we thought we would appeal to the rats sweet tooth and put a bit of Christmas Cake in the trap complete with marzipan and icing. Then OTL placed it at the entrance to the gap between the fence and the shed where we first saw the rat, just so he couldn't miss his Christmas Present!

Ratty's Christmas Present!
Now we sit back and keep an eye on the trap door, if it's up, no rat, but if it's down, well rat, mouse, bird, Holly Dog, Snake or Hedgehog!

Take your pick!

We were expecting the Tree Surgeon to arrive at 09:30hr but that time came and went, OTL said he might have been called out on an emergency, what with all this wind we had today there is bound to be trees falling over! So, OTL left a message on the answering machine saying 'Where the Devil are You?' or summat like that!

Lunch was a little late 'cos Holly and I were finishing off our Rawhide Chews that we got for Christmas. We never get colds because we chew Chews! Maybe that's what Michael needs, Rawhide Chews, that will clear up his sniffles!

Down on the Sea Wall it was still as windy as this morning but the tide was right out. All the water left on the mud was reflecting the clouds in the sky, OTL started playing about with the camera controls, again!

A Long Shot?
 I got a bit bored with him messing about with the camera settings and indulged in a bit of practise Line Dancing, Holly decided to investigate some sniffs in the long grass and left me to practise on my own. Even OTL wasn't interested in doing any line dancing along the Sea Wall!

The Lone Line Dancer!
 OTL tried a horizontal shot of the clouds. That is, he turned the camera around to horizontal instead of him falling over and becoming horizontal himself!

A Horizontal View!
Back home we went up to tell the ferrets about our walk but you know what? They were still asleep!

Those ferrets sure know how to sleep!

So after our afternoon snooze we will be hunting out OTL's dinner and see if it's worth mugging!

See you all tomorrow and who knows we might get the Arboriculturalist to call!

Bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Christmas cake! Christmas cake for the rat? .............. I might just have to pop down there and mug the rat! When I ran a transport café, they used to like flour and coal and eggs. Mind that was a long time ago and tastes may have changed. I bet the first thing OTL catches is a Holly dog. Anyways, those ferrets look very cosy in bed, it would be a sin to disturb them. Your line dancing looked wonderful, you are just a little star. If I'd been the postman, I'd have given TM the rat trap and OTL the crafting goodies, I bet the rats like a nice bit of paper ;). Lovely photos today. Does that tree man not realise the urgency of the job? Those poor birds won't know if they are going to be homeless or not, mind I bet OTL will make alternative arrangements for them. Archie got a new fleece and a new coat today in the sales. He's not really over the moon with them yet but I'm hoping that if we get some snow, he'll see the sense in them then. Happy hunting and muggings tonight girls. :) xxx

  2. I have it in my head that rats are neophobic. So, while a ferret would have a good nose around a trap like that the moment it finds it, a rat might need a couple of days to get used to the idea of it being there.

  3. OK Dr Daisy, Michael said he will try Rawhide Chews and if they don't work he can always find a couple of doggies to donate them to. At the moment he is on Whiskey, Hot Milk and Sugar which he has taken a liking to but for medicinal purposes only. Those ferrets have had a good idea of staying in bed at least until this afternoon when the sun came out and the rain stopped, they are certainly not stupid. Waiting to see the outcome of the trap and also TMs big box delivery, her life is one big Christmas, suppose that also means less devotion in the kitchen but with OTL getting better maybe he can rustle up a treat or two or three for you. Happy New Year to you four and your staff. xxxx

  4. Lovely photos Daisy, beautiful clouds and reflection in the sand. And them ferrets know how to look cute all cuddled up don't they? I know you've all talked about tempting treats for ratty but have you discussed what you're going to do with him/them once captured? Please ask OTL to be careful, we don't want a TCP incident x