Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hunting Monsters Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

It's been a bit of a 'Mix Up Day' today.

It started off first thing this morning when Old Two Legs was getting ready to take us all out for our morning rampage around the beach.

The Missus said, 'I need to leave by Nine'


It seems she is off to a crop or something and wanted OTL to take her into town, in the big car. OK, that's no problem but it means we only get a thirty minute walk!

Certainly not long enough to go hunting Nargles or flushing rabbits out or even dig a few holes in the sand!

Well, we got rushed along the path and told to 'Get on with our business'!

Back home at least there was some lambs heart for breakfast!

All this rushing about means that there are no pictures of the ferrets, ferreting, as they do!

Lunch time Miss Snowflake wakes up and starts to rattle the cage and saying she wants to have a run about! Normally she is snoring her head off, but not today.

OTL waves the Ferretone bottle under Mr Brambles nose and he is awake in a moment!

Confused, but awake!

Down on the beach we all had a good game running up and down and Mr Brambles decided he was going to go 'Monster Hunting' 'cos he is fed up with loosing his carefully designed holes on the beach.

They started off by scurrying around the sea weed, looking underneath the rocks, where they could lift the rocks!
I'm sure I can sniff a Monster here!
We saw that he was doing a good job of searching the beach using a Grid Pattern of search tracking.

Holly suggested we should help, so we set about sniffing a bit further out, but that was until OTL called us back in 'cos we were heading for the mud!

OK, we'll look over here!
In the end Mr Brambles reckoned that the monster had gone to sleep under a big rock and if we all put our shoulders to it we might be able to move it. OTL said that if it takes all of us the shift the rock, just think how big the monster is 'cos he moves it on his own.

He had a point!

It's under here!
We decided to leave it alone today and have another think!

Instead, Miss Snowflake suggested they go hunting something else and decided they would 'Hunt Dog'!

I know that 'cos she sneaked up behind me and gave me a nip on my leg!

Come on Mr B, let's hunt Dog!"
OTL was busy this afternoon mounting the Sepia picture of Miss Snowflake and then he framed it and hung it on the wall next to a picture of Holly watching the birds from a bird hide!

It looks dead smart it does, now we want a picture of Mr Brambles and me on the other side of the fire place.

OTL says he thinks a picture of him should be up there as well!

No Way! That would be just too scary!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Well I'm so glad you got a decent breakfast this morning. Archie was very worried about you wasting away last night and asked if we could come down there and collect you and Holly and keep you here.
    Sounds like a busy day down there. You lot are certainly very brave hunting for monsters, still you've got OTL to protect you if you do find one. Do you mean to tell me that there isn't a picture of you on that wall Daisy? What is OTL thinking of? I think you and Mr Brambles should go on strike until your portraits are up. If TM doesn't cook you good brekkies this week then I think you should tell her the big car is booked next time she wants a lift. Lovely pics again today. Have a good evening :) xxxx

  2. Very wise to give monster hunting a miss if he is hiding under a big rock, this is not a rock to take home for Snowy Heights, stick to what you can handle. The pictures today were great of you all searching, just be very careful. Looking forward to seeing Snowflakes picture on the wall, OTL catches you all so right that it must be a corker.
    Lambs Hearts for breakfast and ....... SPOILER ALERT .....Chicken on Monday!!! Did you get time to make your placards while TM was out or will you give her another chance? She does try, she is very trying I know but she can't help it.
    Lazy Sunday got it right about saying that the big car booked. xxxx

  3. Does that mean it's all down with the placards then? Has TM come to her senses yet?
    Great pics of the seaweed, uck bet that stinks in the summer .I think this doggy scoff is coming to an end and TM will wise up, we hope. xxxxxx