Sunday, 4 May 2014

We like Bank Holidays!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles and Daisy!

What a Super Day!

We were up early this morning 'cos The Missus was crashing about down stairs tidying up after her Master Class yesterday!

We had a cuddle with Old Two Legs then kicked him out of bed to get the ferrets sorted before our morning walk!

Of course, we had to take that other Daisy and when OTL went to pick her up she was waiting by the kitchen door having just finished her breakfast of Doggy Scoff!

OTL put her on the long lead and off we went down to the beach. Now Daisy wasn't pulling so much on the lead and also she would stop pulling if OTL made her stop and sit beside him.

So, that was a good sign, and when we were on the beach OTL decided that she could come off the lead while we played 'Chase the Ball'

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Throw it Again!
We stayed on the beach and OTL threw the ball up and down the sand and even I had a go at getting the ball off Daisy.

Trouble is, she is just too fast!

Here you are, now, throw it again!
 On our way back to the car she said that she could get used to all this walking!

I could get used to this!
Mind you I was still a bit put out that she was still trying to pinch my seat in the car and I have to give her the 'Woof Off' to remind her of her place!

Back home we left her to have a snooze while we picked up the ferrets and off we went again!

We enjoyed a slower walk this time and we had time to sniff on the way out!

This is a better pace!
Down on the beach the ferrets found that log washed up again and decided to roll it down to the sea and float it away. The only problem was, they couldn't get it started, even with Miss Snowflake giving the orders!

Come on! Put your shoulder into it!
We just had a lazy time resting on the sand and watching the fun!

I'll bet you two biscuits and a chew they'll never move it!
There was a moment when this big Bozo Alsatian came bounding up the beach, so I gave it a really big howling 'Woof Off' which didn't work 'cos he chased Holly up the beach!

Woof Off Bozo!
 Miss Snowflake asked why it was that woofers were so noisy!

You don't hear Ferrets Woofing!
Mr Brambles was making his way back to the car and said he could sniff the sniff of Weasels, and stood there for a good three minutes concentrating on working out how many and their ages and how many there were in the family!

He's good like that!

Mmmmm and one of them has a limp!
Tomorrow it should be sunshine as well so we're looking forward to some more walkies along the Sea Wall.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles and Daisy!


  1. What a lovely day again. Does Spaniel Daisy not know which way she's going? You're so kind to take care of her on walks. Those ferrets sure do put a lot into moving things around. I like Snowflakes idea, delegate, poor Mr Brambles he must have tried so hard to move that log. You need now to have a word with the other Daisy's TL about doggy scoff. Did you have a good day with the little TL's visiting?
    I bet there were lots of good muggings when they were around. I think maybe with the busy day you've had a nice little snackette later and an early night might not come amiss. Looking forward to tomorrow's blog :) xxxx

  2. I am surprised that you didn't go and help your little friends give that log a start down the beach, you were not very friendly to your friends tut tut! Now I wonder if TM has been talking to other Daisy's TM about doggie scoff, that won't do, next time you see them talking you had better go woofing a distraction before she gets more scoff ideas, that won't do. Enjoy tomorrows warm weather, it has been lovely today and enjoy the extra company. xxxx and x to other Daisy.