Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Room with a View?

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

Another fun day here in North Kent, a bit of sunshine and Old Two Legs is seeing the funny side!

No more of the ceiling had fallen down last night, so that was good news. Standing there looking at the void, OTL said that we must have to only bathroom where you could sit on the loo, watch TV in the lounge and have a discussion with whoever was in the lounge, all at the same time!

Can you turn to the News please?
Down on the beach, the tide was in but OTL wouldn't let me go in swimming, seems like he had a lot to do today!

Come on, Just a Little Paddle?
 Mr Brambles was winding OTL up a bit 'cos he said he had found a 'SSS' and he was doing a 'Doggy Roll' in it!

This how you do a 'Doggy Roll'!
 OTL was not happy about that until he spotted it was just some sea weed!

 Me in Silhouette!
OTL told me to 'Stand Still and Pose' but I told him, No Swim, No Posing!

Just for a laugh, Holly was showing Mr Brambles some 'Doggy Sniffs' on the beach and telling him to 'Have A Roll'!

Go On Lad, Get Stuck In!
 Miss Snowflake said that she could find some interesting sniffs on her own, and proceeded to roll an old plastic bottle around on the sand, that was until OTL told her she wouldn't get and 'Ferret Treats' if she got too smelly!

Strange Sniff this one!
That was it, she left the bottle and headed back to the car!

Lunchtime, OTL had finished discussions with the insurance company and we are awaiting the visit of an 'Assessor' who is to decide on what is 'claimable'.

OTL says that they should knock the house down and build a new one for him but we think he has no chance of that!

We went to the beach again but the clouds chased us and it started to rain, so, back to the car in double quick time!

Here come the rain!
Tonight, OTL is going to get a Chinese Take-Away Meal and dig out a bottle of Bubbly 'cos yesterday was their twenty seventh wedding anniversary and what with the leaky pipe and all that, they didn't feel like celebrating!

Today is different, so, Holly and I have put our order in for some Kling Plawns in Batter and a big bag of Plawn Clackers, just for us!

We will leave the Bubbly to them but the Plawn Clacker are ours!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles (The Smelly One)!


  1. I'm so pleased today is better for you all. I suppose a hole in the ceiling can come in useful at times, you could shout down for them to bring you up a snack in bed. Lovely pictures today. So Mr Brambles is the smelly nelly today. That must be that Holly teaching him bad habits. Shame you couldn't have a swim but I expect that OTL is really busy trying to sort out the hole, I mean, imagine if TM was in the bath and the soap slipped out of her hands and it went thru the hole, it could do some one some damage if it landed on them. Good to hear the celebrations are on tonight, hope you get your plawn balls and plawn clackers. I think you're quite right to leave the bubbly alone. Happy evening all, enjoy. Love, licks and wags from little Arch (clackerless). xxxx

  2. I hope you had a lovely evening after yesterday, a great pity for you all and a not very good anniversary present, bet the plawn clackers tasted magnificent. Sorry you didn't get the swim today but then OTL does have alot of sorting out to do and at least no more ceiling fell down. The big hole will make the bathroom warmer with the heat rising but I don't think it is such a good idea to keep it because someone, two or most probably four legs could have a nasty accident and fall down. We missed the rain today although it did look a bit murky this afternoon, lovely antics on the beach. Take care, all of you and I hope that the assessor comes to a good decision quickly. xxxx xx

  3. P.S. Michael said it is a quick way to the lounge, how about installing a fireman's' pole? You might need to enlarge the hole! MG