Friday, 2 January 2015

More from Ethan!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you!

Well, yesterday was all fun and games but we were exhausted by the time it was over!

Young Ethan looks like he has got a load of fans out there! Just for you all we are going to put some more of his pictures on the blog!

Before that however, we were late in getting up, even the ferrets were a bit bleary eyed as well!

Mind you, it wasn't so cold, so we had fun on the morning stroll on the beach!

The tide was right in, not even the Wee Rock was visible! Poor Snowflake had to wee on the beach but Mr Brambles waited until he got onto the grass!

Wot!  No Wee'ing Rock!
Miss Snowflake was trying to get back in the bag as OTL took this picture.

Sneaky or wot!

Too wet and cold for me!
The Missus went off to play Glue Slapping down at The Cat Woman's place so we had all day to have fun at home with Old Two Legs! We played 'Hunt The Ball' and 'Chase My Sister' and of course, 'Woof at OTL'!

In the afternoon we did something we have never done before............Guess Wot?

We went down to The Forest for a walk and then we went around to The New Park and had another walk around that as well!

Now, is that a serious walk Or Wot?

OTL had fun playing 'Hide from Woofers' but we always found him in the end!

Then we found Mr Stump, he said he was having a fun time and was looking forward to spring to see all the young seeds growing up!

Happy New Year Girls!
We had loads of fun dashing about and when we had finished, it still wasn't time to pick up TM from The Cat Woman's place, so, OTL asked what next? The New Park was the answer!

Come on, let's go to The New Park!
When we got there it was a problem finding a place to park the car!

So many cars!
OTL found a parking place and we were off!

The first place we headed for was the Christmas Tree, they decorate this every year and sometimes the decorations are still there in the Spring!

The Christmas Tree.
We met up with a lot of Woofers and there were new tails to sniff and say Hello to as well!

When we got to The Watchers, we all wished them a Happy New Year and spotted that someone had thrown a ball and The Watcher had caught it!

Wanna Play Ball?
 The only problem was that The Watcher couldn't reach it and neither could we!

Anyone got a long pole?
We had a great time hunting out new sniffs and even said 'Hello' to the cattle that were there in the field!

Pretty soon it was time to pick up TM and head for home which was OK by us 'cos we were feeling just a little tired!

Now just for you, Ethan has said we can show some more of his pictures and the ones he took when we all went down the beach for a walk with the family.

Ethan's Pictures

Sea Weed and our Plastic Bowl.

Cousin Mat

Soppy Woofer and Holly

Johnathan looking into Cupboards!

Granny and Fin looking for Rocks!

Number 14.

Rocks in a Plastic Bowl.

Snowflake half asleep!

Ceiling and Stairs!

Uncle Martin being Silly!
There you go, that should keep you happy until tomorrow!

TM is off to her Master Class in the morning, so that means we are up early to take her and the mountain of stuff up to the village hall.

We may even get to meet some of you up there!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Wow, serious walking today girls. I bet you enjoyed all that fresh air. I can see Snowflake was quite happy to stay home in the warm this afternoon, she really doesn't do cold air does she. Good to hear you all had a lay in, we didn't, someone wanted his breakfast very early this morning, so we had to get up. Looks like New Park was very popular today, I bet there were lots of new sniffs there. The woods looked good as well, didn't Mr Stump look cheerful. Lovely pictures of you all on your walks today. Young Ethan really did take some cracking pictures yesterday, it was lovely to be able to see them. Is TM tired after her glue slinging day? I bet she'll have fun tomorrow at her master class, wish I could go but a certain little chap has his three weekly appointment with the vet nurse to have his bottom sorted. Little Arch also has an appointment this week at a groomers, his coat has just grown so thick and woolly, I think we may be in for a cold time soon, judging by how thick is coat is. I don't think he's going to be too happy, he's having a bath and then being clipped. Luckily though, I can stay with him at the groomers so hopefully he won't be too put out. Have a lovely evening all, early to bed tonight if you have to be up early in the morning. Have a good snoozey, cosy evening. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. What a brilliant walkies day a real first for the new year, the sun was bright but you are getting like Arctic Doggies, a brisk walk is all invigorating, not that the little ones think the same! The watchers playing ball, I do hope that crack wasn't as a result of the ball, the good weather brought out all the cars so pleased you found a spot. Mr Stump is an amazing find, Michael reckons OTL put that leaf there but I said "Oh, No He Didn't", go on spill the beans, "Did he?" I like the Christmas tree, that's novel, Ethan did take some good pictures, he may not have always got them in focus but he looked at what he was taking and took meaningful things, well done to Ethan. XX TM is going to be busy, have a lovely sunny day tomorrow, I am hoping to go out although Michael is working again. I may even take my Christmas present out and take some photos, not sure yet. xxxx