Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Sun Shine Brings Them All Out!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

The sunshine has been super today, all lovely and warm and the wind has dropped as well!

You will all be glad to know that the fridge is still working and the door hasn't fallen off either!

Of course, The Missus has been stuffing it full of 'essential' things like Gin, Tonic Water, Inky Pads, Paints and Pickled Onions!

You know, we reckon she needs to see the vet soon and get some worming tablets!

Down on The Beach, we met up with The Lads again and we even got a share of their Nibbles! In fact it was the same as we get at home and the same stuff that Mr Brambles just Loves!

Which caused some problems!

Now I'm glad someone else gets these Nibbles as well!
You see, it's the same nibbles that Brambles pinches out of our bowl in the mornings. After his Poo Pot is cleared up and the door is opened, both he and Snowflake rush out for a 'Rampage' but in Brambles case it is a 'Charge' downstairs and straight into the kitchen!

Well, he was a bit upset that we had eaten all the nibbles and not saved him any!

So, after being deposited on the sand, he had a word with Old Two Legs asking why he hadn't got any nibbles? 

Why won't they share?
OTL said that we were a greedy pair of Woofers and should have saved at least one nibble but as Holly said, 'They were just Too Tasty to share!'

Oi! Where's My Nibbles?
Mind you, the ferrets got their own back 'cos they found a 'Super Sniff' on the beach and had a good long roll in it and OTL didn't even tell them off!

This is GRRRRReat!
Mind you, I thought that Snowflake was enjoying it just a little too much!

Oooooooo! This is a Really Good Sniff to Roll in!
Holly said she was doing it just to wind us up!

Back home Mr Brambles was the first into the food bowl and he was making up for not getting a Nibble. He went back to the bowl three times, making a right pig of himself!

Lunchtime OTL took us back down to The Beach again 'cos the tide was right in and he was hoping for some waves!

No chance! It was all sunny and just a hint of a breeze!

There was a Two Legs on The Sea Wall with a camera on a tripod taking pictures of the sea and using a 10x ND filter. Now this filter is so black that you have to leave the shutter on 'Open' for about thirty seconds and the result is those 'Misty, Creamy' looking water shots. Really you would need a bit more movement by the waves but it just wasn't happening today. Still, we took a picture of him taking a picture!

A TL with a 'Big Stopper Filter'!
We met up with a little woofer who just wanted to play chase with us. I was a little unsure 'cos she was yapping all the time!

Let's Play Chase!
Most off putting!

So, I turned around and gave her a 'Really Big Woof' which is our way of saying SHUT THE WOOF UP!

It worked!

Don't you want to play with me?
We had a little game, then decided that she was just too fast and noisy, so we left her to it!

When we got onto the beach OTL took a low down picture of the sea, just to see what it would look like if he was as tall as the ferrets!

A Ferret Eye View of the sea!
Holly and I went off digging holes and when OTL asked who had dug the big hole on the beach Holly denied all knowledge of it and said she was just 'Catching Some Rays' but I think there was something that gave her away!

Me Digging? No, not me!
I on the other paw didn't have an excuse, I said that I was looking for yellow filters, but I don't think it really worked!

I say, this looks like a filter, no, sorry, it's a stone!
 Mind you, I did have an excuse to go for a paddle, 'Just to wash the sand off!'

Me, just washing my bits!
Let's hope the sun stays around for tomorrow!

Bye, Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Awww poor Mr Brambles, fancy your little friends not sharing their nibbles with him as well. I think OTL didn't tell Snowflake or Brambles off for having a roll because he knew they'd missed out on the treats. I'm not surprised Brambles got as many as he could when you got home. I bet that TL with the camera doesn't take as good pictures as OTL. That looked like a very big hole, hmmm Holly, she needs to learn to hide the evidence. Hope the water wasn't too cold after your dip. That was a cute little woofer, her little face looked so sad after you told her to woof off. Glad the fridge door is still on, I think you might be right about getting some worming tablets for TM, inky pads and pickled onions doesn't sound like too good a match. Have a lovely evening all and hope the muggings are good, maybe a pickled onion or two. Hope this sunny weather lasts but we could do with it being a bit warmer here. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Daisy.. I hate Gin !! I love bubby but OTL wont buy me any!

  3. TM, I have some old bubble bath kicking around some where, would you like it?
    Glad the door has stayed on, I wonder how long it will be there with all the stuff that TM has put in there, I don't read about lamb hearts or chicken dinners! So lovely the weather has been here although it was windy, you seem to have escaped the breeze down by the water. Good to see you in the water blowing all your cares away with the sand, that noisy little woofer made me smile, she soon shut up when you woofed. Doesn't she have lovely white teeth, do you think she chews on those teeth cleaning chews you and Holly have? Just leave Mr B a few of your nibbles then he will tell you about the secret sniffs. Do make sure than OTL doesn't eat any of those inky pads when left to his own devices! Big hugs from here, we must come and see you soon. xxxx