Monday, 13 April 2015

Miss Snowflake goes swimming and OTL gets 'Arty'!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

When we woke up this morning the sun was hiding behind the clouds but as the day went along, it got better and in the end was rather warm!

Just how we like it!

Yesterday Old Two Legs was off at one of his 'Camera Days' and sat through five lectures ranging from Pixel count to Cyanotype Printing and Lens Distortion!

Just to bore you a bit, Cyanotype is an old method used in the early days of photography and is still an 'interesting process' but too much is a bit 'Marmite' if you know what we mean!

Anyway, here is one that OTL has reproduced using Photoshop!

 Miss Snowflake has been having some fun in her 'Ball Bath'. OTL put all her squeaky toys in there and she spends a fun half an hour getting them all out again!

Got another one!
 Down on the beach, the tide was in, that means no sea weed swimming but instead both ferrets have a roll on the sand in the best sniff they can find!

I Love a Sea Side Sniff!
It's alright Mr Brambles having a roll but when he gets back to the car he has to have an ear wash from Miss Snowflake!

Stop Wriggling will you!
Back home Holly and I were up on the bed watching out for The Missus who had gone off to the butchers, so, we were expecting some Ox Heart or the off cuts to OTL's curry, all cooked in a roasting pan and served with the gravy!

While we were doing that, Brambles decided to do some mugging of his own and headed down to our biscuit bowl for a breakfast feast!

Honest, I'm only looking!
As a treat, Holly and I got a Rawhide Chew each and spent most of the morning arguing over who's tasted the best!

Good Fun!

OTL has us booked in for a 'Shampoo & Set' this coming Friday and I must admit, I'm sort of looking forward to it. Well, the end result, not the Shampoo and getting blow dried!

You know, us stars really suffer to look as good as we do, just for you!

Still, while we wait we can make use of the time and have a roll in the smelliest sniff we can find, just for fun!

In fact, when we got back from our lunchtime walk Holly not only had to have her butt washed, but her back as well!

We both had a fight over a stick then another fight over possession of a hole!

My Hole!
OTL spotted wot looked like a sunflower that was loosing the battle against the wind and waves. Holly said it wasn't trying to grow and instead it had been 'Planted' there!

We all thought that was a good pun!

Planted Plant?
On our way back, we stopped at the bench and while Holly and I were having a rest, OTL sorted out Holly's backside, well, sorted out enough to get her back home to a proper wash!

All this washing will end up with my butt fading away!
We know that OTL has curry tonight 'cos we can sniff it wafting up the stairs. So, if we are lucky, we might just get the off cuts, instead of Doggy Scoff!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely day you've had. Loved the cyno wotsit picture, loved the rest as well. Poor Mr Brambles, having to have his ears washed, you girls don't have make a fuss of being clean. Poor Holly, she's right, too much bum washing makes a little butt fade. Good luck at the beauty parlour, my TM is threatening me with a visit, I don't like being bathed!!!! Hope you do manage to get the off cuts of OTL's dinner. You do look funny fighting over that hole, who won? Looks like Mr Brambles was caught red handed at your biscuit bowl. Have a lovely evening and good luck with the muggings. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Another lovely day, well, apart from the butt washing, tell Holly that there is no chance of her butt fading away. So as if you can't find anything better to fight over you fight over a hole, trouble i that tomorrow once the sea has given the beach a wash the hole will fade away. Now if Holly sits on the beach long enough the tide may make her butt fade away with the hole but there is no chance of that (is there Holly?)! Snowflake has a fantastic time in the Ball Bath, does Mr B find it so interesting? Have a happy time with the butchers' off cuts, promise him a share of your biscuits and maybe you could get a nice choice piece of something or other! After all, TM promises him a share of OTL's wallet and she does quite well, enjoy the nightly muggings and have another warm day tomorrow. xxxx