Tuesday, 28 April 2015

We've been 'On Guard' in the Big Car today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Well, what a day today!

A bit cold to begin with but it warmed up during the day.

On the beach this morning the tide was almost all the way in and it looked so inviting, just right for a swim!

Trouble was, Old Two Legs was watching me and as soon as I got too close to the water, what did he say!

 In fact he said so loud that Snowflake stood very still thinking he was talking to her!

Hey! Wot? Me? No? Wossat?
Back home OTL was busy on the computer and we kept him company while he worked.

Mind you, he was complaining about Holly snoring, but that's normal, both him complaining and Holly snoring!

Lunchtime he decided to get the Yellow Filter out again and have a play with the Monochrome again. You see, he has a look at some 'Expert' Photographers Web Sites or Galleries. Then he gets all 'inspired' and off he goes click, click, click!

The Sea Wall at Grain
What he wants is to try photographing a Two Legs in portrait mode using just natural light. He says that he will have to stick with us 'cos models cost too much!

It is just not the same if he tries a 'Selfie'!
See wot we mean?
As he was telling us about models and such when heard a little voice call out......

Busy, Busy, Can't stop, Too Busy, Outta My Way!
Holly said that she recognised him 'cos he was going the other way a couple of days ago!

We didn't go straight home 'cos OTL had to pick up some stuff from his customer and return it to a supplier.

So, we had a job to do, GUARDING THE CAR!

While he was doing the pick-up, we were standing on the front seat and woofing at anyone who came near the car, especially Traffic Wardens!

We did a good job and then we headed off for Herne Bay to drop off some stuff!

He didn't stay too long and soon we were heading back home!

So, we have been good little puppies and OTL is safe and sound back home.

Now, what is he having for dinner?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. I was waiting for your post as I am going out and must get my daily dose of Daisy. That monochrome of the clouds is very good, I like it very much the sea wall is a splendid model. Not sure if the beetle acts quite like a TL model and as for the selfie, why, I wonder, is it so small compared to the others, now I know OTL thinks of himself and slender and sophisticated but he can't wear his hat if he is that small or drive the big car! You have been very adventurous going to Herne Bay but no pictures of the clock or you having a paddle in uncharted waters, meany not to let you paddle! Still you did your guard duty very well and deserve some tasty morsel. See you tomorrow I am off out with a load of ladies leaving Michael to do the washing up, you could send OTL over to help him! xxxx

  2. Wow, working woofers, I hope you got paid for your guarding duties. That water would have been very cold Daisy, it might have given you a grumbly tum if you went in. Poor Holly, everyone snores even me. Not that I had the chance to last night, there was a monster around again but this time it was at the front of the house. Do you think nargles are French? My mum was shouting at it in French and it seemed to understand, it did woof off after it had woken us up and kept us awake for about 20 minutes, my mum threaten to go down and throw a bucket of water over it but she hasn't got a bucket. Anyway, lovely pictures again today, that little beetle must be a very busy little chap, always rushing about. I hope the muggings are up to scratch at yours tonight and that you get some peaceful snoozes with no snoring to disturb you. Love, licks and tired wags from little Arch xxxx