Thursday, 28 May 2015

A Super Pongy Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Now, you know yesterday we found this super sniff and had a really good roll? Well, we were out first thing this morning looking for it again!

We just couldn't find it!

We searched and searched but it was nowhere to be found!

It was here yesterday, I'm sure it was!
 It really was where we left it yesterday, it was that we were looking on the wrong side of the path!

It took Mr Brambles to sniff it out for us!

Hey Girls, it's over here!
Before Old Two Legs could say a thing, we were both over the other side and having a good roll!

You can imagine how OTL got upset with us, he called us Smelly Nelly's and told us we were going to get another washing when we got back home!

I tried to get out of it by having a dip in the sea and telling OTL it had all washed away with the tide!

He didn't believe me!

Just having a little splosh to was to sniff away, honest!
It didn't work and we both had the old Cold Wet Rag all over our backs and ended up sniffing like tarts!

Lunchtime OTL came across a Goats Beard flower on the grass path. Last year he collected some seeds to sow in our Wild Flower Patch in the garden. They haven't grown yet, so we reckon that it must need salty air to propagate!

Goats Beard
Holly and I came across a family having their lunch on our bench. There were two woofers there and we said hello and joined in a Community Sniff!

Then Holly got down to business, 'OK, enough of the sniffs, where's the food?'

We were just too late, they had finished it and were dumping the wrappers!

Come on, where is the food?
That was it, no food, no more sniffs!

OTL left us with The Missus this afternoon 'cos he had to go and see a customer, so Holly and I had a game of chase around the garden then off for a snooze before he came back.

It looks like rain tomorrow, still, the garden can do with a wet!

Still no sign of Trev, we reckon he is hiding under all the weed.

Just wait until he gets fully grown, we'll have fun chasing him around the garden!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. I'm glad you found your super sniff again today, thank goodness for Mr Brambles, did he manage to get a roll in it as well? I had a bit of success today, I mugged an old TL for a bit of her cream doughnut, she was a bit mean with it but at least I got a bit. What a shame those people picnicking on your bench didn't save you a bit. You need to put a sign out, sarnies ate at this bench cost a taste to Daisy and Holly. I bet Trev is hidning out with his brothers and sisters, they're probably watching you thru the weeds. I'm still working on sneaking a frog for you. At the moment I'm testing my mum, I bring something in from the garden and wait and see if she notices, so far hawkeye has spotted all my treasures, but she'll get fed up with watching me closely soon and that's when I'll strike and hide you a frog until I get down to see you, you won't mind if it's a bit dry will you? Have a good evening, tell OTL not to work too hard. Enjoy your snoozes and muggings. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxx

  2. A nice gentle sort of day today then, missed out on food again but then that is the story of your lives. Remember, one good roll deserves a nice wet flannel, you will never learn and you blame Mr Brambles for pointing you in the right direction, I bet he was laughing his tale off. xxxx