Tuesday, 4 August 2015

It's all go Today!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

The ferrets are having fun in their new vertical extension to their home. Last night Old Two Legs was woken up by Holly wanting to get out into the garden to chase something at twenty past two!

OTL was not happy about that but soon perked up when he heard both ferrets kicking the Ping Pong balls about in their new 'Games Room'!

This morning he went in and they were both asleep in the bed he had put in there, just in case they couldn't make it back to their normal beds!

Another thing, he has made sure there is one more bed that there will be ferrets, so, four ferrets and five beds! That way a ferret will never be without a bed if he or she gets kicked out during an argument over sleeping space or when they are trying to get the 'Pecking Order' sorted out!

Holly and I have got the sleeping all sorted, we both take over OTL's spot on the bed, but only after he has got up!

We were up early this morning and met up with that Bedlington Terrier who Holly really fancies and of course, she just had to play the Tart again!

Look! No Lead!
The tide was out, so no swimming this morning and the sun was very bright bouncing off the sea!
This sniff has been cooking in the sun!
We had some fun with a new woofer who walked past us on the Sea Wall. First off he started woofing at us and the ferrets. Then, when Holly and I woofed back, telling him what we and the ferrets would do to him if he came onto our beach, he ran away!

That's it, Woof Off!
Snowflake was a bit put out by all the woofing and stayed behind a rock until the woofer was over the horizon!
Has he gone yet?
We wandered back towards the car park and as normal on a sunny day, Holly ran ahead so she can have a rest under the bench in the shade!

It's cooler here!
Lunchtime we were down the beach and the tide was right in! There were loads of Two Legs on the beach with their Mini Two Legs and they were splashing around in my sea!

Oi! Clear off my beach!
OTL had brought the old ball from the car and we had a good game of 'Fetch'. The ball had been chewed a bit but it was just the right size for me to get into my mouth when I swim out to get it. Normally the tennis balls are just too big for my mouth!

Surfer Beach Babe!
 Holly, being the 'Dry One' decided that she would have a relaxing snooze in the shade while OTL and I had fun with the ball and the water!
I suppose that one day they'll grow out of it!
After my swim I found a dry bit of grass and had a really good roll! Well that got rid of a lot of water from off my back!

I love a good rub down after a swim!
After that we went along to the beach but before getting there I suddenly got a terrible itch, right between my shoulder blades and, well, the only thing to do was find something to have a scratch on!

Oh Yes! Just there, Just there!
Down on the second beach OTL and I carried on with our game while Holly just rolled her eyes to heaven and wondered how anyone could enjoy getting soaking wet!
I just don't believe these two!
Back home and The Missus had got her computer but she was just too busy to open it all up!

Still, once she finishes all the stuff she is preparing for the weekend 'Master Class' I suppose she will get hold of OTL and start fiddling with it!

Dinner is ready now but as it is curry tonight, I don't think I'll be after mugging him tonight, I mean, curry just doesn't do anything for me!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

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  1. A good night for the ferrets and a good day for you and Holly. I wonder what it was that woke Holly up, it might have been those ferrets playing ping pong. It's always good to have a spare bed. That Holly is a real little tart, flirting with all the woofers on the beach. Good job that woofing woofer ran away, I'd sort him out on Saturday if he was still there. Poor Holly looks like billy no mates sat in the shade of the wall while you do your water babe playing. I hope she's saving room for me on Saturday in that shady spot. Good to hear your TM is working away for Saturday's master class, it will keep my mum quiet while she waits for me to have a day of fun. Shame about curry tonight, I've done rather well in the mugging stakes today, got another sweet off of Brenda, she's a really easy mark. I've met up with a few nice woofers today, most of my mates seem to be missing at the moment though. Have a good evening all, loved the pictures, Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx