Tuesday, 25 August 2015

We have discovered their little secret!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May back again!

We had some fun again last night, Holly tried to get Old Two Legs to do the 'The Tail Wiggle Dance' again but he was too interested in a new bottle of Malt Whisky and a pack of short bread.

Mind you, we also helped him finish the shortbread, mind you, he can keep the whisky, not our type of drink!

 Just for a change, it was all sunny down on the beach and both ferrets had some fun digging in the sand. Holly was more interested in catching a few rays to top up her tan!

This beats woofing at birds!
Mr Brambles went down to the waters edge to look for his 'Weeing Rock' but the tide was right in and it covered all the rocks. So, he had a wee on the sand but what he didn't see was the waves creeping closer and closer and in the end he got a wet butt!

It's behind you!
 Back home OTL cooked up some lambs heart for us and then spent some time cleaning out the ferret cages. Holly and I found a quiet place to snooze and only woke up when the post man called!

Lunchtime Miss April and Miss May were all excited about going down the beach again. They had never been on the beach before and it was all new sniffs and the sand was just great for digging in!

Miss April was play a game of 'Hide n Seek' with OTL and he pretended he couldn't see her!

O Dear! Just where has April got to?
They started off by digging a hole together, a bit like Holly and me when we get going!

Then the hole got deeper and suddenly there wasn't enough room for them both, so off went May to dig her own hole!

This hole 'aint big enough for the two of us!
 April carried on digging and laughing at the same time, you could tell she was in a good mood!

I jus' Love a Sand Hole!
 Mind you, May wasn't going to let April dig the bigger hole, so she started digging and throwing sand up into the air!

This is how to do it!
It was a little while later that the rain started to come down, which didn't please the ferrets or us!

We got to the 'Short Cut' turnoff and headed back towards the car!

Back home both ferrets went straight to bed for a snooze while Holly and I did some investigating!

You see, in the morning, after coming back from our run, Brambles and Snowflake have a rampage around the house while OTL cleans their cage. Mr Brambles heads down to our biscuit bowl and has a good feast on our 'Chicken Biscuits', they with a big fat belly, he waddles back up the stairs and into his cage to sleep it all off!

Snowflake sometimes has a nibble but mostly spends her time investigating The Missus card making stash and playing games with OTL.

After they both are back in their cage, April and May are let out and straight away they head for the kitchen.

They both have a feast on our biscuits as well, then, after a nibble or two, they grab a biscuit and head out into the lounge to stash the biscuit, for later on!

Now OTL and TM know the ferrets hid biscuit behind the book case and under the TV stand as well, but, us being woofers with very good noses for food have found some other places where they have stashed our biscuits!

In the Kitchen behind the Ironing Board!
 Then there is the sneaky place...................

Under TM's Butchers Block!
 But the best place yet is....................................

Under the chair where Holly likes to snooze, dreaming of food!
Now we know the name "ferret" is derived from the Latin furittus, meaning "little thief", I think we can agree with that as well!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Well, OTL didn't get enough whiskey if he didn't do the tail wiggle again. Glad you got your fair share of the shortbread. I hope Holly caught enough rays this morning, wasn't it lovely. I hope that water wasn't cold on Mr Brambles little butt. Lambs heart sounds good before a snooze. At least you all had a bit of dry time on the beach this afternoon. Good to see the page 3 girls having fun on the beach. Umm "little" thief? Judging by all the biscuits you and Holly found, maybe some one should rename them "bigger" thief. Sounds like you've all had a lovely day and the pictures are beautiful. I'm now a "dog in law" my boy got married today, my mum said it was a shame we couldn't go cos I could have been a flower girl ............. ? ............ hmmmmmmm. Well anyways have a good evening, hope the muggings are good. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxxx

  2. Oi Daisy..... you get OTL to clean that lot up double quick !
    TM is not very happy with biscuits all over the place .... xxxxxx

  3. What a lovely start to the day we had but lunchtime the rain started and it was dismal after that. Love the piles of biscuits everywhere if TM forgets to buy them you won't go short just need to play Finders Eaters. Good on the lambs heart, lovely and the hole digging, just so pleased that April and May are enjoying themselves. Don't worry if I go missing for a few days I will be there reading. xxxxxx and some extra in case xxxxxx

  4. Yikes . . . sounds like you lot are in BIG TRUBS . . . TM has seen your pictures! Less digging holes and dancing around, and more cleaning up PRONTO! I'd help . . . but I live too far away, honest!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx