Sunday, 6 September 2015

It's Shrewsday, according to Mr Brambles!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May here with some more news!

We woke up this morning before sunrise, opened one eye and then went back to sleep again! Well, it's Sunday and everyone has a lay in on Sunday.

Except possibly the Page Three Girls who haven't worked out that the days have names, as far as they are concerned, it's light or it's dark and it's sunny or it's wet. I suppose if your just starting off then that would be a good description of the environment!

We kicked Old Two Legs out of bed and he went in to tell the Girls to stop kicking the Poo Pot around, not that they took any notice of him and continued to make such a racket that it woke everyone up, including The Missus and that is not good!

So, there we were, all ready for our walk at seven and the sun was shining! I mean, like, no clouds!

We were down on the beach and I had decided it was just not warm enough for a swim. The tide was right in and all the rocks were covered with water. Snowflake did her normal trick of backing up as close to the water as she dared so that she could have a wee.

Then, without warning, this whopping great Tsunami rushed up the beach and soaked her butt again!

Rats! It's done it, Again!
Now, I know we shouldn't, but, we did laugh! She it always doing this if the tide is in. Holly suggested that she gets some side mirrors bolted onto he harness or better still, get a reversing camera mounted on her tail!

Snowflake was 'Not Amused' and went of swishing her tail from side to side to shake the water off it!

Up the top of the beach the ferrets found a plant that they described as 'A Good Sniff' and proceeded to dive in and roll about and blow raspberries at Holly and me!

This is just the best sniff today!
Mind you, I had investigated that sniff earlier and decided it was too weak and soft to be of any interest!

I did ask OTL if I could have another investigate but he said that the ferrets had claimed it and I should find another!

....but the beach has been washed clean of sniffs!
We headed off for home and as usual, both ferrets were sniffing the long grass and, as normal, Brambles was dawdling along, sticking his nose into the mouse holes and shrew runs by the side of the path.

We all stopped when he gave out a shout and on turning around we saw he had a Shrew in his mouth and was giving it the 'Shake of Death'

It died with a broken neck!

Hey! I've still got it girls!
We all came back to see it and Brambles got a little possessive about it and wouldn't let us get too close. He said he had hunted it and stalked it and then pounced. Holly reckons that the Shrew was running along it's grass run and fell into Brambles mouth, it had got tired of living and had in fact committed suicide by jumping into Brambles mouth!

Brambles told her to Woof Off and proceeded to chew the head off the Shrew and said that it made a change from the Ferret Food OTL feeds him and in fact it was a good bit of 'Roughage'!

Now, shall I roast it or maybe Stew it?
Back home we all had a good snooze and Holly and I got a Bone Biscuit which we enjoyed and made a big mess with the crumbs!

OTL was plonking away on the computer until we reminded him that lunchtime was approaching and the Girls would be needing their walk soon!

So, he missed the beginning of the F1 Racing 'cos he was down the beach with us!

As it is the weekend there were a load of 'Visitors' enjoying the sun and of course, loads of Oooo and Arrr's over the ferrets!

They enjoyed a dig in the sand and April declared it to be 'Just Right' 'cos it was still damp and  came out in clumps!

Just right for a hole!
 Mind you, OTL and Holly were keeping an eye open for visiting woofers 'cos you never know if they would fancy a ferret sandwich!

Heads Up! Woofers to the rear!
 Miss May got all worried and hid behind the steps until they had passed!

Have they gone yet?
There were some digging in the grass and when we got down to the beach Holly and I kept an eye on a big woofer running up and down the beach but he didn't come anywhere close so we didn't need to tell him off!

I don't think he has seen the ferrets, so they should be OK!
It's amazing just how many Two Legs stop to say hello to the ferrets and want a stroke and OTL has to tell the story of how we got them and what they are called and what to feed them on and will they bite and what's their names, and and and and!

So, it's been a good weekend and tomorrow OTL is going to start getting the cages ready for our holiday plus see what camera gear he will need.

TM is to play 'House' in the caravan getting that ready and we will be helping her by snoozing in the caravan while she gets it all clean.

That looks like a good job for everyone tomorrow!

So, bye bye for now and Bye Bye to Tony and sorry for calling you Steve yesterday, it was OTL's fault, he is getting too old and forgetful and dopey!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. You should suggest to OTL that he puts padding round the outside of the poo pots, that way, they won't wake TM up. Poor Miss Snowflake, it must be so horrible to get a cold wet butt. Good to see that you had fun on the beach. Wow little Brambles is a great white hunter, I expect Holly is right really though. Shame he ate the head, he could have got OTL to have mounted it and hung it up on his cage. Glad to see you and Holly in protection mode with the page 3 girls. I reckon the local paper should do a bit about all you residents of Godwin Towers, you must all be famous now. I bet your TM will be glad of your help tomorrow in the caravan. Have a lovely evening all, hope you get plenty of muggings and make sure that you all don't work too hard tomorrow, make time for some fun. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh dear, poor Miss Snowflake. Will she never learn? I think shrews must be like them lemmings if they run and jump in ferret's mouths. Must have been quite a shock for Mr Brambles to suddenly have a mouth full of shrew. I hope he's had his worming tablet as you never know what's living inside wild animals! I'm glad you had a lovely sunny day. Our dad took us for a lovely walk along the Pennine Way today. It was great fun when a sheep came through the fence and decided to challenge Hamish. He was very brave and stood his ground but then Dad put him back on the lead and dragged him away...spoil sport. Woofs farewells from Izzy & Hamish x