Saturday, 24 October 2015

Saturday with OTL and F1!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here!

Wot a relaxing day!

We were up good and early 'cos The Missus wanted use of the car to go visit The Cat Woman and play at Glue Slapping. Well, what ever turns you on!

It wasn't cold at all down on the beach, even if it was just past dark! No sun rise 'cos there was too much cloud and it wasn't even good enough to try some B&W photography!

Miss Snowflake cuddled up in Old Two Legs arms and she even shoved her face under OTL's chin where it was nice and warm especially as OTL's beard is growing a bit!

When we got to the beach she was tearing off to get her 'Business' done and back to get another cuddle with OTL!

Oh! That's Better!
 OTL managed to stay ahead of her so it was a race back to the car!

At home Holly and I crashed out on the bed after a bowl of chicken each and we let the ferrets have a 'Rampage' around the house!

Once the 'chores' were done OTL had a little work to do on the computer and while he was working on one, the other was tuned into the F1 practise in Austin Texas.

It was very wet out there as they have a big storm passing through over the next couple of days so I think it will be a swimming race instead of a motor race!

We left them to it and drifted off to sleep on our new cushions in OTL's office, you know, they really are the Dogs Doo Dahs!

You know, before OTL brought them into the office, they were on the floor in the bedroom and Miss Snowflake curled up in the middle of mine and went to sleep!

This is the life, a soft cushion and a doggy biscuit!
Lunchtime they still hadn't got onto any serious practise and were instead just driving through the puddles so Holly and I told OTL we wanted to go out again. The ferrets were fast asleep, so it was fun to see OTL putting the harnesses of them while they were snoring their tails off!

Down on the beach Miss April was having fun searching under the sea weed when she jumped up and called out that she had found something that was 'Big and Slimy'!

It's Big and Slimy!
We rushed over to have a look but it had disappeared by the time we got there, so, maybe next time!

Back home OTL was filling some holes in the ceiling with filler 'cos he had drilled a couple of holes to let the water out that had dripped from the shower. As there are not more drips he feels safe enough to bung the holes up and give it a slosh of paint, the paint goes on tomorrow!

We are planning a lazy evening, creep onto OTL's lap and mug him for some of his pizza and then maybe some short bread!

Young Izzy maybe coming down to our part of the world and who knows, may even come for a run on our beach! Now, that will be fun, Izzy can tell us all about the sniffs in Cumbria and we can show where all the best sniffs are!

But what are you going to do with Molly the Cat, surely she isn't coming with you? Down here cats are 'Fare Game and get chased when ever we see one!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Yo furry mates, love your lazy day, I've had one too. You were lucky it was warm down there, it's been a tad nippy here with some rain but luckily I was home before it came down. Wot a cheek, Snowflake trying out your bed for size, I wonder if she'll get one from santa paws or for her birthday. I let my mum share my kingsize bed upstairs and I've got a snuggly bed in my cage but mostly I snooze on the sofas or armchair. It's so good to have a snoozy, lazy day. Hmmm now I wonder if that was Snowflakes big slimey monster that April came across, she'll have to have a word with Snowflake and ask her. I bet Izzy will be well impressed with the sniffs on your beach, not sure if Molly the cat will be as impressed, perhaps she'll stay home, otherwise you'll have to show your best woofer manners and not chase her. I bet your TM has had fun flinging her glue with the cat woman. Did OTL have a little snooze when the racing thingy was on or was he too busy? Poor chap, he'll be there tomorrow with his paint pot and I bet that TM of yours will be telling him to add a bit of glitter here and a bit of glitter there, he'll be getting a stiff neck. Don't forget to put your clocks back an hour tonight so that you can have an extra hour snooze. My mum says she can't put our clocks back until after she gets home from work, something to do with the newspaper people not allowing their clocks to go back until after they've printed them and delivered them, ......... I think I'll give getting up in the morning a miss tomorrow. I mean won't know if I've had an extra hour or when I had it ......... very confuddling for a woofer. Enjoy your mugging this evening and have a lovely evening in the warm all. Love, licks and wags from little (wot time is it) Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Daisy and the Godwin Crew!
    I totally agree with Miss Snowflake, these cold, wet, dark mornings are not very nice. Poor mum had to limp around the village with me today as Dad's not here so we were out a bit longer than usual but I did get to share the whole bed with her last night so that made up for it. Just think you'll get an extra hour in your new super comfy beds ( or are you planning to use your body clock and get your TL'S up at the 'usual' time like naughty Hamish does!
    You don't need to worry about Molly Mop the cat because we have a lovely neighbour who comes in to fuss her and give her pussy munch biscuits. Hamish will be back on Monday to play with her.
    I hope mum manages to get me to your beach for a play but I think it will probably be for your lunchtime walk as she said that she doesn't 'do walks at daybreak' whatever that means! Daisy, you will have to get TM to message her when you walk or we may look a bit suspicious loitering on your beach. Mum is looking forward to it as she says she used to play there when she was little. I think that was a long time ago so things have probably changed a lot since then.
    I hope TM had a good day with the cat lady, slapping her glue & glitter. Do the cats stay out the way? Molly knows to snuggle up high when my mum's waving the glitter pot around.
    Archie, I'm sure you're right about the sniffs on the beach. I'm really looking forward to you showing me all the good spots.
    Have a lovely day tomorrow xx

  3. It was dry here all day, everyone was saying how mild it was until it started to rain and the wind blew. The

  4. I pad funny creature, the sides of the marque blew in against the seats and we started to get wet, some more than others. sSnowflake likes your new bed I see, hope OTL fills the holes in so they don't show or a bit of glue and glitter all ot// over will be needed. Home tomorrow, it has stopped raining now, lots of snuggles, xxxxx