Monday, 14 December 2015

A Tooth Fairy for OTL?

Hi Woofers!

Us again! Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma!

We saw the sun today, well, we saw the sun behind the clouds but it was the sun!

It's the Sun!
It won't be long before the Winter Solstice and after that Summer will be on it's way!

We are looking forward to Summer 'cos it is then that we can go in swimming. Well, I can and we will have to wait until Fred and Wilma get their paws wet to see if they like it!

The Missus was up early today, making Christmas Cards, and does she make a lot of noise? It woke us all up and even Holly climbed up on the bed for a cuddle 'cos she thought it was whizz bangs!

After going back to sleep we ended up getting up late! Still, we were up too early on Sunday, so today makes up for the early start yesterday!

Down on the beach the tide was in but it looked too cold even for a paddle!

No Thanks, I'll wait for the warm weather!
 Now I know it wasn't blowing a gale but the surf looked a little menacing the way it was pounding up the beach and washing the Sea Wall!

No, we'll stay dry today thank you!
 Miss May and Miss April headed for the Sea Kale. It was a close thing but April very nearly got in first but was shoved out of the way by an excited Miss May!

Give me some room Sis!
Miss May way a little wary when she got to the top of the grass path, she said she could feel 'Pounding' through the earth. I said that it was just Holly waddling along and making a noise with her weight!

But no, May insisted there was something else.

I can feel the vibration through my paws!
 All of a sudden there was a crashing and a big 'Hellooooo Girlie's!' Barney was here!

We haven't seen Barney for ages but because we were late in getting up, we were in time for Barney who is always a bit later than us!

We had a chat and he gave Holly a kiss!

The Tart!

Kissy Kissy!
 Now, OTL had a sort of accident a couple of weeks ago when he tried to bite into a crusty roll. He managed to 'Bend' his front tooth, which was glued on top of a tooth that was only half there. It hurt and the dentist did some repairs, gave OTL some antibiotics and told him to come back later.

Well, today was the day to go back and see the dentist.

OTL doesn't like dentists, they normally cause him pain in the mouth and pain in his wallet, all at the same time!

In the end the tooth was stuck back again and the dentist warned him that his days of apples, crusty rolls and baguettes were over!

You know what? Even his shortbread will have to be broken up before it goes in his mouth. I of course, together with Holly, have volunteered to do the 'Breaking Up' bit!

When he came back we went out down the beach again but this time we left Fred and Wilma at home 'cos they had gone to sleep and just didn't want to wake up, until this evening that is!

On our way around the walk we met up with Dave the Westie, he looked so pleased to see us and of course, he was all over OTL!

Hi Girls!
 We are wondering what OTL has got for dinner tonight and Holly is expecting to help OTL get rid of the 'Tough Bits' where The Missus has been Caramelising again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


  1. Evening all. So glad to hear you got a bit of a lay in after your noisy Mrs TM woke you up, my mum says it's the bish, bash bosh that your Mrs TM does that makes the noise. That Miss May doesn't have any manners does she, is she related to Nipper? That water does look very cold, I expect that's why Holly decided she didn't want to swim today, I'm sure if it had been warmer she might have been tempted, I don't blame you both for not going in. Sorry to hear about OTL hurting in his tooth and wallet, now he really does need to have a word with his dentist, he must tell him, if the dentist don't hurt him, he won't hurt the dentist, my mum tells the dentist that and he doesn't hurt her, well only in the purse. The dentist told my mum she shouldn't eat crusty rolls and chewey sweets, but she does. Tell OTL if Mrs TM caramelises his dinner and it hurts his tooth, she should pay (my mum says). Shame Fred and Wilma missed their walk but they must have needed their snooze. Good to see Barney and Dave in the pictures today, that Holly is such a tart. My mum has finished work now for a few days so I'll be getting lots of snuggles with her. Take care, stay warm and have a good evening. Love, sniffs, wags and licks from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. It is worth going late you see more friends and Barney and Dave are so pleased to see you all. Lay ins are rare so make the most of them. TM must be very busy with her cards, how is your annual creation coming on, will OTL make his eye and tooth an excuse for publishing Easter Cards? That sea kale is certainly ferret friendly I hope Holly doesn't see it as food although it is green. That water looks too cold to be near so leave it for a bit before the big swim, so do ferrets swim, I never saw them as brave. No rain today but cloudy we have been shopping and Michael has bought Stuart a little Minion to take home for big brother Dave!!! Ah well, what ever pleases him.... Have you found any Santa Paws present yet, Ted who lives here has had one of his squeaky presents already, he has a big bin of them and a squeaky ball that lights up when it bounces. He is asleep at the moment after getting his feet muddy in the local dog park, his OTL lets him out of the car and the doggies all race around together. xxxxxx

  3. Hi Daisy . . . please thank OTL for the great action pictures of your day.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. Good that TM is getting on with her cards, how is the one card that OTL designs each year, will it be out for Easter? Now that Blogger has eaten my reply because I did it yesterday!

  5. Getting up later meant seeing Barney and Dave so not all bad, nice to see them. In St Augustine, pronounced Saint August Teen, now and it spotted with rain, Michael not a happy bunny because he always tells me how Florida is soooo nice. My last comment I had to post because I had scrolled up to see what you had written, Inow I want to mentioned the sea kale, do you like it or is it smelly or rough for you? Now to reads Wednesday. xxxxxx