Sunday, 27 December 2015

It was the day after Christmas and all through the house..........

We were going potty with the balls and toys we got on Christmas Day!

Yo Ho Ho Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Freddy & Wilma!

It has been a fun day, we have all been having games with our new toys. The ferrets got a ball on a string and the ball has a furry tail! They have all been chasing it and even Freddy Boy managed to catch it!

We have named that game as 'Chase the Squirrel'!

The ferrets have run off with the string balls and have hidden them under their beds!

Miss April has been spending time in her second favourite place.

Her most favourite place is the second draw up 'cos it has a blanket in it!

April having fun!
 Miss May is always looking for her 'Treats' which of course includes a bottle of Ferretone!

How do you get open?
 On our morning walk Old Two Legs has been trying his Christmas Present and all the pictures are taken using his Coolpix which not only takes pictures but it also does video!

This is a 'still'
 The ferrets were having fun in the Sea Kale again and Miss April asked if we could dig it up and plant it in our garden but OTL says it needs a special environment, like a beach, to grow properly!

That was OK really, they will have to play with it on the beach!

Pity we can't take this home!
 Holly and I had to wait while they had their rub down in the Kale, Holly was not happy having to wait.

Why do they take so long?
 To wile away the time Holly and I had a sniff along the beach and made sure we kept our tails pointing in their direction and send them a message!

Do you think they will get the message?
 Now, this next bit you would have had to look at the blog on a computer, not an iPlod Thingy 'cos it wouldn't play it, but, I have uploaded the film to YouTube!

Click on this link to see Freddy and Wilma!

Freddy Boy tries to get a lift!

There you go, how was it for you!

We are going to have some fun with this video thing on the camera and I know it isn't super dooper HD type stuff but it will show us 'Moving'!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


  1. Well Daisy you're more clever than you think coz I've just watched Freddy and Wilma trying to blag a ride on my iplod thingy. Worked perfectly. Freddy looks kinda badger shaped rather than ferret shaped - forgive me Freddy I have had more than my fair share of Christmas fare too. Diet to be resumed with gusto in the new year :-)

  2. oooh I liked the pictures with OTL's xmas pressie. The video is good, shows how stubborn that Fred is and how Wilma doesn't stand his nonsense. It's good when you get new xmas toys, you can have lots of fun with new ones. The page 3 girls do enjoy a roll in that Kale. I think I got the message you were sending the page 3 girls. Nipper seems to have calmed down a lot, if he acts up I just give him a good shake and he behaves himself. My mum wants to know what Nipper and I were talking about earlier, but it's a surprise, we were planning our next bit of mischief. Have a lovely evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  3. Oh moving pictures that's great fun. Fred can move pretty fast when he wants too... not so fast when Wilma tries to get him going. Poor Wilma. I see Freddie also does the ferret version of the backwards moonwalk with an added waddle feature. Nice move Freddie. Can't wait for the dooking. The photos are great too. Holly did look a bit fed up waiting for Misses April & May.

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  5. Yesterday's is still there so here goes. What a very put out looking Holly dog having to wait, oh dreary me, poor little Holly dog! Glad you enjoyed all the toys and treats, I take it that there was no big snuggled bag thingy for you two? OTL has new toys as well, did TM get a new super duper quieter broomstick, how wonderful would that have been. Ok on the sea kale shame it won't survive in the garden, still more reasons to go to the beach. We have seen a 6000 pound hippo today Called Lu, he is pictured in Michael's blog, no good for the Godwin Towers residence as there was only one. Ignoreanson

  6. Ignore last bit and I shall watch movies later. Nite, nite from Homosassa. xxxxxx