Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Epic films today, who needs the Oscar's?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy the Ferret are back!

It was Freezing this morning, in fact it was so cold that Old Two Legs let Miss April to stay in bed while Miss May, Holly and I went out in the cold!

It was so cold that OTL stopped to take a photo of the Isle of Grain from Allhallows!

Now this is High Pressure!
 Down on the beach we spotted a swan who was calling out for his mates but there were no swans for miles!

I think I'm lost!
Holly did suggest either he or his mates were a bit lost!

Holly said that it would be a good idea if May went out to tell the swan that there were more of his kind up river.

Unfortunately, May didn't think much of that!

Think again Holly Dog! I'm not going anywhere near that over sized chicken!

Back home OTL was set to work on The Missus's epic and finally got it uploaded to Yoo Toob and if you want to see it it's here!

Part One & Two

Not to be outdone, OTL has used the video from his camera to put together a short video of Freddy learning that his legs are made for walking and the big wide world is to be enjoyed!

Click here ->  Freddy learns to walk!

Now, while we are talking about Freddy, tomorrow afternoon he will be going out with OTL to meet a lady, that is Freddy doing the meeting, not OTL!

So, soon he may have someone to cuddle up to at nights!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy.


  1. Cor, another cold day on the paws, lucky Miss April being allowed to stay warm and snuggly. I can just imagine Holly chops suggesting Miss May go tell the swan his mates were up the river, I bet Miss May thought that Holly should pull the other one. Me and my mum have watched all the videos today, we think they all deserve Oscars. Freddy does look a cuddly bundle walking along, I'll teach him how to dig when I come down for my next visit. I watched your Mrs TM very closely but didn't spot you or Holly in her video, but I reckon I might be able to make that card she made. Lovely pictures today, well done OTL for all your filming and picture taking. Hope all goes well for Freddy tomorrow, is it ferret speed dating? I'm off to the vets tomorrow for my check up, I hope that girl woofer that was tarting with me last week isn't there again, she embarrassed me in front of my mum, she was way too forward to be a lady. Anyway, you girls know I only have eyes for you. Have a lovely snuggly evening, hope you manage a bit of mugging, love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr (I'll behave, just don't leave me with that boy again) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Wow thank you for an all action blog post Daisy including fab photos and brilliant videos. The video of Freddy de Ferret making such walking progress and the woofing action from you and Holly really made me feel I was there on your walk. I really enjoyed TM tutorial, she has inspired me to give this technique a go. Just need to get some Gesso. Well done OTL for the great editing, although I am sure TM isn't the diva you make her out to be. I thought there would be more glue and glitter flinging since this aspect of her crafting gets quite mentioned quite a lot in your blog posts.Perhaps she doesn't like to go too public with that activity. Thanks for all the hard work xxx

  3. Wonderful diary page today, Daisy & Co My Mam has watched both episodes of TM's epic and my Mam says it was worth the wait and she's going to give it a go cos she's got all the bits and pieces ...that'll keep her quiet tomorrow and I can lie under her desk :). We're off to watch Freddie's film now, we think your OTL & TM deserve a Woofter each for acting and production they are far more precious than Oscars all the stars want them xxxx Jasper & his Mam Annie

  4. Fantastic I can see your film on my I-pad, love to see Freddy practising walking out, I think he in enjoying it and am sure he would not be into telling swans anything. It has been cold so hopefully half the world will be looking on the tube to see the new films. TM did very well and I loved to see her working on her designs, she is an inspiration. Your Diary is eagerly looked for and I worry if it not posted, good luck Fred for tomorrow hope she is stunning and a credit to your family. xxxxxx

  5. Fab videos! Please thank OTL for all his hard work. Great to hear TM again + watch her masterboard techniques. She's SUCH a superstar xxx

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