Monday, 23 May 2016

A Day out with McOTL!

Och Eye The Noo!

Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McApril, Miss McWendy and Freddy de McFerret here again!

We have been out with OTL today 'cos The Missus had some super ideas for her Master Class and decided to slosh the glitter about today!

That was it, the ferrets were on their own and we legged it as soon as OTL had finished his chores!

OTL wanted to try out his Tilt/Shift lens that he went on a course about. You know, how to focus up from here to eternity!

We didn't mind, just as long as he was on a beach that had loads of sand and space to run!

Having looked at the book of maps we decided to go over to the Isle of Skye and we would be taking a Wee Bonny Boat!

The ferry is at Kyle Rhea and is a sort of swing car deck type, blooming scary if you want my opinion!

Not exactly a big sign post!
The ferry has been on the television and even the dog that helps has been featured as well!

Mind you all the jumping on and off the boat looks like hard work!

I said 'Keep in Line' any misbehaviour and you won't be allowed on my boat!
We finally got on the boat and stayed inside the car. Holly reckons she could do the loading bit but was worried that jumping on and off would be a bit dodgy, especially with her short legs!

Nah! I'll stick to chasing rabbits, they can keep this sailor stuff!
Once off the ferry we headed over the mountains and arrived at a super view of the islands and the sea. Of course OTL was jumping up and down and setting up the camera but we had to stay inside the car, too many sheep and lambs was OTL's excuse!

There were about twenty sheep behind him offering advice on how to use the Tilt/Shift lens!
OTL took a couple of shots and we woofer out of the window to keep the sheep away!

Is that a mini Thunder Storm cloud?
 It wasn't too long before we arrived at the beach we had seen on the map.

It was GREAT!

No Two Legs, no woofers, no sheep, just sea and sand!

OTL was climbing all over the rocks and sea weed while Holly and I just went potty chasing up and down the sandy beach. Holly even got all brave and rushed into the water, just up to her tummy!

OTL playing with the filters as well!
 After a run about we sat on the rocks so we could get dry in the sunshine. Holly tried to sun bathe on her back on one of the rocks and nearly rolled off!

So, in the end she did what I was doing and sat there catching the rays!

This is better that a Doggy Towel!
 I saw some gulls land behind the rocks OTL was trying to photograph so I rushed up to the top and woofed them away!

Woof off or we will be dining of Skewered Seagull tonight!
Well, we didn't want them to do a poo in OTL's camera bag!

While OTL was trying to get a wall of rock in focus from start to finish, I sat out on the sand woofing at Holly to wake up!

Holly Dog is just out of sight on the bottom of the picture, too tired to move!
 We had a great time and OTL even gave us a rub down with the towel before he let us get back in the car, just in case we had rolled on any sheep poo!

As if!

Bach home TM had been sloshing it all about and ended up not making and stuff 'cos she messed up the picture by trying to do too much to it. A bad case of not knowing when to stop and leave it alone!

We got a bowl of chicken and a carrot as a treat afterwards!

Now we are off for a snooze before bed time!

See you tomorrow and we think TM is coming with us over to Skye to visit another sandy beach!

Do you think she will be dashing into the water as well as us?

I'll let you know!

Now, I see Archie Babe is doing well, good lad, keep on with the medicine it will do you good in the end, even if yo do manage to spit it all around the kitchen! I remember when Snowflake had to have some jollop and OTL had to hold her while the vet squirted it down her throat, it was then that she spat it all back, all over the vet and the consulting room!

In the end she had to have an injection every day, done by the vet who she managed to give a nip to on the last injection!

Cable car? Yes we have seen that and OTL says that he and cousin Alun went up there to see some snow two or three of years ago. OTL says they do some great Hot Chocolate and Carrot Cake!

Bye for now.


McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McApril, Miss McWendy and Freddy de McFerret.


  1. Och aye McGodwins. Wot super pictures OTL took today with his tiltingshiftinglenstypethingy. Me and my mum are very impressed with the photos and the views are lovely. Now I reckon anything that sailor woofer can do, Holly chops can do better cos she knows about boats and things. I bet Mrs TM will have a lovely time tomorrow over there at Skye, just as long as that ferry woofer don't get too bossy with her, otherwise I can see that ferry woofer swimming along behind the boat. I bet you and Holly had some real good fun chasing up and down that beach, Holly is getting really brave in the water these days. Now my mum says that wot Mrs TM throws away, other people would consider masterpieces. I'm feeling quite a lot better again today so I hope my vet will be pleased when I go to see her in the morning, my mum says she's going to tell the vet about me spitting all over the carpet and the kitchen cupboards, but I don't care cos the vet knows from when I stayed with her that I was spitting out that horrid medicine, but I don't bite so I don't expect I'll be in too much trouble really. Anyways I'm really pleased you're all enjoying your holibobs up there in the far north. Have a lovely evening and I'm looking forward to your adventures tomorrow and some more of OTL's super pictures. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Great pictures OTLs took while not minding you two!! Sounds like a rip roaring time on new sand and with new smells!!

  3. Great pictures OTLs took while not minding you two!! Sounds like a rip roaring time on new sand and with new smells!!