Sunday, 1 May 2016

It's May Day for May!

Hi Woofers!

We are here again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Now Miss May got her name 'cos she and her sister arrived at the Ferret Rescue in May/April, so, they got the name of May and April!

Today, being the first day of May we all woke up to sing a 'Happy Day' song to them both. We will also do it again on the first of April as well!

It was a super morning, all sunshine and no wind. So, we were off down the beach for a run around. When we got to the beach there were a couple of woofers already there digging in the sand!

Nah! They are too scared to come over here!
May thought that April was getting worried and rushed over to give her a sisterly cuddle!

It's OK Sis, we'll look after you!
Now today there was a High Pressure system overhead and the wind had dropped away, so, it was just wonderful!

In fact it was so good that I decided to have a little paddle.

This is how to start May!
 In fact, it was so good that Miss May even came down to the waters edge to get her paws wet! Mind you, she didn't go in for a paddle but you never know, she may have a swim before the summer is out. Remember when Snowflake and Mr Brambles had a swim in that stream when we were in South West Wales?

Come on, it's great in here!
Maybe later in the summer she will get her tail wet!

Back home Old Two Legs cleaned the cages out and then headed to the garden 'cos being the May Bank Holiday Weekend, it's time to give the garden a clean up and de-weed the path!

So, OTL missed the F1 Racing from Russia and had to watch the recording!

Tomorrow OTL may be out in the garden again digging more weeds out of the path in the back and of course, he has the pond to clean up as well, loads of paper that has been blown in over the winter time.

He is going to be a busy lad this weekend and of course there is the hay fever as well and that means he will be making lots of noise as well!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening all down south. Hasn't it been a lovely day today. I've been out on a couple of nice walks, I met up with Monty next door on my first walk and we walked home together, of course I had my muzzle on but Monty picked up enough rubbish for both of us. I've had lots of snoozes in between walks and I'm getting a lot better, I've noticed and I've let my mum know that I'm getting short shift in the rations. Good to see you having fun on the beach and love the photos, you swimming is a good one. It might be a bit deep for Miss May, happy birthday by the way to May and April. Sounds like OTL needs a holiday soon with all the work he's doing at the moment. Hope he doesn't get the sneezes from being outside. Did Mrs TM manage to watch the racing. Hope there is something nice and muggable for OTL's dinner tonight. I'm off for another little snooze so have a lovely evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Hello all my southern friends! Sorry I've been quite for a while but mum went away on a glue & glitter holiday so she couldn't help me type. She's home again now and I've had lots of cuddles. It is good to have her home again. You've had a lovely sunny day there and there was lots of sand to run on. Your swim looked like fun too.
    Happy Birthday to May and April. It looks like you had a great day. Did they get any treats. Tomorrow is my 3rd birthday which Mum says is very special because it means I am 21 in human years. Apparently I can be given a key to the door...yeah right! Just make it some chicken and a walk and I'll be happy. Mum came home and said that she has some exciting news for Hamish and I but she won't say what it is yet. We're pleased to hear that Little Arch is still getting better, even if he does need to wear a muzzle. Better safe than sorry, my mum says.
    OTL sounds very busy. What a lot of jobs he had to do today. My dad got the grass cut so I played a game of dig and whizz in the vegetables patch and helped Dady doth his plants. I had best go now a s mum is falling asleep.l ots of love, wags, woofs and love.
    Izzy and Hamish xx

  3. Poor OTL and his hay fever, I hope you have your ear defenders to paw, a doggie could get seriously hurt ear holes from the over noise. A lovely day for a swim and maybe Miss May will join you when it gets a bit warmer, I am so glad OTL remembered his camera he takes such lovely pictures of you all. He has been busy with the garden, it will look a real treat and the birds will continue to visit. Hope TM was happy with the recording of the F1, we like to watch it but this time I don't even know the results only that Hamilton didn't even take part because his engine let him down, such a pity. xxxxxx

    1. Hamilton came second Sue!!!! lol