Monday, 18 July 2016

And now for something different!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and the one and only Freddy de Ferret!

Phew! It has been warm today!

Old Two Legs was up good and early to have his breakfast and clean out the Page 3 Girls cage. Then he draped a wet towel over the cage and shoved a freezer block under their 'Cuddle Cup'. Then, after they had been for their run around the office, he plonked them back in their cage and dressed Freddy and Wendy in their harnesses and then into the travel cage!

OTL Hadn't taken them out yesterday 'cos it was just too hot for a ferret! So, today it is Fred & Wendy who are out for a run.

Down on the front Holly and I went off chasing rabbits while OTL got the ferrets out and ready for the run along the Sea Wall.

Now, Freddy is used to going out at lunchtime so this early morning stuff is a bit confusing!

Tucked under OTL's armpit and balancing on his arm both ferrets started off towards the beach. Freddy did his 'Wiggle' which tells OTL Freddy wants a wee but there was a little Jack Russel that was running around, so there was no chance to put Freddy down.

So Freddy did a wee down OTL's shirt!

After the woofer had gone OTL put Freddy down while OTL tried to dry off his shirt!

Next, Freddy got picked up and together with Wendy tucked up under OTL's armpit, off we went again.

Freddy was on the other arm now and because he hadn't done all of his wee, the feeling came over him again.

We spotted a couple of terrier type woofers down the path, too close for comfort, so, Freddy had to hang on.

He didn't and OTL ended up with another wet patch!

Sorry OTL!
We didn't hang about 'cos it was getting warm and OTL was beginning to sniff of Ferret Wee!

Back home the ferrets settled down to a snooze with the wet towel and freezer blocks.

The Missus said she saw Trevor (The Frog) in the bushes up the side of the garden. Holly and I came out to have a look but we couldn't find him and OTL thinks he may have got scared and hopped off into next door!

Lunchtime the ferrets were fast asleep so Holly and I left them there and headed off to the beach.

OTL decided that for a change he would have a little play with the Infrared Camera that had been sleeping in the camera box for ages!

Come on OTL!
 OTL was playing with the controls on the camera 'cos it has been a while since he last played with it!

While we were waiting I went down to the waters edge and started off with a deep paddle!

Holly headed up the beach and was staying well away from the water!

You paddle if you want, I'll stay sniffing thanks!
 OTL caught up with Holly and managed to get her to do a 'Pose' while sitting on the Sea Wall!

Yeah! I'm The Beach Baby!
 I had a great time swimming and OTL managed to find a small stick that he threw into the water and I had a great time fetching it back so he could throw it again!

Throw The Woofin Stick!
 Of course, OTL just had to try a photo of a flower bloom. Mmmm, maybe with a Macro Lens it could have come out sharper!

The bloom is brilliant white to look at but the Infrared camera sees something else!
Back home we all headed to a cool spot while OTL fiddled about with invoices and stuff, really boring!

The ferrets really enjoyed the cool bedding and slept most the day, except for occasional rush to the loo!

Tomorrow it looks like it will be the same as today, and the maximum temperature today has been 28C !

Now we are off to see what is for dinner.

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Yo little maties down by the red hot seaside. Phewww it's been so hot here today. Loved OTL's pictures. So Mrs TM reckons she saw Trev this morning did she, now are you sure she hasn't been sniffing too much of that big pot of glue she bought. My frogs are staying in the pond, they reckon it's cooler in there. I keep peeping in at them and then they dive under the plants so they can see me but I can't see them. Sneaky or wot. Poor Freddy, when you gotta go, you gotta go, I bet he felt really embarrassed at weeing on OTL's arm, I hope no one teases him about it. Perhaps OTL could bottle it and sell it as a new type of aftershave. I'm off to my vet in the morning for a check up, she goes on holiday at the end of the week so she'll need to see me before she goes or she'll miss me too much. My mum was working this morning and this afternoon but she's off again now until Friday morning so we can plan a lay in and plenty of cuddles for the next few days. Hope you have some good muggings this evening. I'm off for a pre dinner snooze. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little (wilting) Arch and Mr (wilted) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. OTL's shirt must have dried quickly my washing did but I think my washing smelt better than the twice weed on shirt, did TM insist on giving him a hose down? Lovely pictures but I was a little frightened by the wet shaved doggie pose, where has all your chest fur gone, did it blow off in the wind? OTL is so good with the little ones and really takes care of them, I bet you two don't do so bad either and I bet there was a nice little nibble this evening now that it is cooler. Michael's computer has gone wild, it turns on fine but as soon as he opens his picture program it goes crazy and does a very fast slide show. It did that the last time we had some very hot weather so he watched TV instead in disgust. xxxxxx