Tuesday, 27 June 2017

We are Home!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

We are Home!!!

Yes, we got back late yesterday afternoon and there was loads and loads of stuff to unload before we were allowed to go to bed!

Old Two Legs got us all home without any problems and we even managed to mug him for some of his 'Cheese Burger & Chips' we got in a road side cafe on the A1!

We had to go down the A1 'cos it was the shortest road home after we left Izzy's village early yesterday.

This morning we were all busting to get down to our beach and catch up on the sniffs we have been missing these last two weeks!

It's a 'Sniff Overload'!
 The ferrets were into 'Sniff Overload' before they even got to the beach! Holly and I took it all in our stride 'cos we have been been here before!

I was checking up and down the beach while Holly Dog sat on the sand looking at the sea!

It may not be a Scotland Beach but it's our beach!
 While we were on the beach Wendy and Freddy got interested in a plastic pot that some Two Legs had left there from their picnic on Sunday!

Freddy had a sniff and decided he would leave it and carry on down the beach. Miss Wendy decided to investigate it in more detail. The only problem was, she got her head stuck inside it!

She waved it from left to right and then gave it a good shaking before it finally came off!

Hey! It's stuck over my ears!
OTL has been working on a pile of post and stuff today trying to catch up on the stuff that came in over the holiday!

Poor lad, he will be working over the next few days to get it all sorted.

We are off to do some mugging 'cos dinner has been served, so bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Welcome home little maties. I thought I heard some singing yesterday afternoon when I was home alone doing guarding, wow, you certainly sounded good, you could have called in and sprung me from my cage. Did you catch up with any of the lads down on the beach? I bet you've been missed and they're waiting to hear of your adventures up norf. Glad the ferrets found some sniffs on the beach, not sure about the plastic pot, good job Wendy managed to shake it off. I've been back to my new vets today to get my butt sorted. They gave me a present of a puzzle feeder, now they reckoned I was intelligent and it wouldn't take long for me to work out how to get the scoff out of it .......... no kidding, I knew if I could get the lid off the scoff would come out .......now apparently, that's not the idea, the idea is that I knock it round the room and the scoff falls out .......... wot dimwit thought of that ..... my idea of taking the lid off is far more sensible ........ seems I'm a bit more intelligent than they thought. Now my mum has enrolled me in their health care plan, I get a free yearly stab to keep the horrible diseases away, I get free butt checks, free worming and flea treatment, money off my teef, money off my medicine, you name it and my mums purse is a winner, it costs £8.75 a month but if I loose weight and get below 10 kilos, it goes down a bit in cost. So my mum is putting me on a diet and I have to loose 40 grammes ...... now this is why my mum was saying I eat my scoff to quick so I never feel full up. Anyways, enough about my mums purse. It's been raining here today so we feel much cooler, which is nice. Brenda is going to see a little dog on Thursday which she hopes she'll be able to have so we have our paws crossed again. Glad to hear you got some good muggings last night after your long journey home. Poor OTL, fancy coming home to a pile of letters. Loved the pictures today. Did OTL get any photos of any celestial bodies while you were up norf? Glad you're all back safe and sound. Looking forward to hearing all your news of wots been going on while you were away. Have a lovely evening all. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hello from a damp Sussex seaside, Ferring to be precise, we have visited the church with a copy of the Sistene Chapel ceiling on its ceiling and the little local church and today we have been to Arundel in more damp, never mind it has been nice. The top is from a squirty cream, my friend Marion said and Marion knows about squirty cream! Glad you arrived home safe and sound and your beach and sniffs were still there, sorry OTL has to now work hard to catch up. Archie has a very good health plan I wonder if he will manage to loose weight, I think his intelligence makes his head heavy so they must make allowance. Have a good day and look after Kent while I am away. xxxxxx