Monday, 15 November 2010

Holly's gone back home.

Hello Fans!

It has been a wet & windy day today, Holly and I had loads of fun over the fields. OTL found the football again. He just doesn't understand that it is too big for us. Still,we showed willing by chasing it when he kicked it, then wandered off to find a new smell!

Football Anyone?

As it was wet today we didn't go out on our long walk, so we stayed at home and played at fighting.

Holly normally starts it, this time she poked her tongue out at me, that was it, I'm not taking that from anyone, so off we went.

Raspberry's to You!

Pretty soon we were rolling all over the floor 'mouth fighting' and having a wonderful time. Trouble is, OTL is trying to do some work on the computer and we kept running under the chair and kicking him as we went past. Finally we collapsed into a heap on the floor laughing our heads off!

Laughing at Us

What a great day, until Holly had to leave.

Bye bye Holly, come back soon!

love from Daisy.


Now, back to OTL, I think he is asleep in the armchair, a big wet tongue in the ear should be about right!

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  1. Hi Daisy, glad you had fun. Hope it wont be too long till Holly comes back to visit. Hugs, Mary & Dougal X