Saturday, 20 November 2010

What a Day!

Hello to you all again,
I charged up stairs at 5am yesterday morning and jumped onto OTL to wake him up, he just loves the old cold wet nose in his eye and a warm wet tongue in his ear!

OTL took me down to the vets to get some worming tablets, now I've got no problems with the worming, it's the vets I don't much care for. 

Every time I've had to go there, I got hurt. I got spayed, that hurt, the operation wound got infected, that hurt, taking the stitches out hurt, I think. So, vets surgery is not my favorite place. So when I went in there, I had OTL dragging me from the front and me pulling to go back.

First of all I got weighed, 6.4Kg, not bad for little puppy of my age and size.

I kept my eye open for the vet, if she came out I was going to be 'Gone' like in a Flash!

OTL paid over the money got the pills and I dragged him out pretty sharpish!

You don't want to hang about there, you don't know what they got planned next!

As a reward OTL took me over the fields and I wanted to play 'Pirates' again, so, I did my trick on OTL, I jumped up at his legs so he would pick me up.

Then I climbed out of his arms and onto his shoulders.

The Crows Nest

From here I can pretend I'm in the crows nest and can see the ships out to sea!

Yo Ho, Me Hearties and a bottle of Dr D's Puppy Milk!

OTL ended up with my paw prints all over his shirt and coat.

A little present from me, Captain 'Dangerous' Daisy!

Saturday is 'Bird Watching Day', not sure where we are going yet but I'll tell you all about it in the morning.

Bye bye for now!

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