Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sunshine Tuesday

What a Glorious Day Today!

It's Daisy & Holly saying hello again and a special 'Hello' to Denise who has joined our band of followers!

I got up this morning and looked outside, the sun was just getting up. All the clouds had gone away, so had the wind. It was warm, just like Spring is here!

Holly and I took Old Two Legs for a run over the fields, he is still walking like an old crock, his back is still hurting.

Holly said we should take him down the vets and get him wormed, and that would sort him out!!!!!

It was the thought of paying the vet with our doggy biscuits stopped Holly going to The Missus to suggest it!

This morning, we have been tearing around the garden, saying hello to the birds, then we went in and did some 'play fighting' on OTL's bed, then we did some running up and down the stairs.

I think the spring is super, it certainly makes me feel good!

We went for our 'Adventure Walk' to the Riverside Park, it was great running around woofing at the other dogs and running, I mean, really running, in fact I was running so fast OLT and his camera couldn't keep up with me!

I felt like Super Dog!

Super Dog Daisy!
Now, it's not often that I run so fast, but the sun was on my back and I felt super good!

Holly and me investigated the shore line and found loads of new sniffs, even better than when we were down here last.

New sniffs for us!
We went into the sea grass and both got muddy paws.....and legs...almost up to our tummies! It was OK really 'cos we washed it all off later when we went for a paddle in the water!

Here be Mud!!
We were chasing about so much I didn't see the patch of thistle type plants, OTL calls them 'Burrs' and I ended up with them all over me. Like, over my muzzle, my ears, my throat, all down my legs, my tummy and finally, on the underneath of my tail!

I did my 'Help me OTL' pose, you know the one, I hold my front leg up and a whimper and look at him all sad and sorry like. 

It never fails!

We spent the next twenty minutes with him sitting on a lump of rock and me draped over his leg, having these burrs pulled out of my fur.

It was not very dignified nor was it funny! 

Holly thought it a grand laugh though and said I had been sticking my muzzle where it should not be stuck and that I should keep my nose out of the bushes, and all my other bits as well!

After OTL had finished, I felt much better, so I chased Holly all around the beach and into the water up to her tummy, just to teach her she shouldn't laugh at me!

Look, no burrs!
We headed back and sang 'Salty Sea Dog' songs in the car all the way home.

I hope the sunshine stays for tomorrow, we could go to the woods to see if the Snowdrops are out yet!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi Daisy & Holly, Dont you two have fabulous adventures, Hugs, Mary & Dougal X

  2. Hi Dougal & Mary,

    You bet we have adventures, were sort of 'Adventures R Us'!!!!!