Sunday, 26 February 2012

Another Super Sunny Sunday

Yo Woofers!

D&H back again in glorious sun shine!

You could tell it was going to be a good day 'cos we got woken up early with the sun shining behind the curtains and waking everyone else up, except Old Two Legs who need a little attention from Holly!

Finally we got him up and down to the Sea Wall. There was sunshine all over the place and after a quick sniff around the usual places, Holly pointed out that the smoke was coming out of the wrong place at the Power Station. She told OTL to take a picture just for Trev, or 'Old Ugly', as OTL calls him!

How about this Trev, Wrong Chimney!

We met up with Barney, who didn't come bounding onto the scene as he normally does, he had been chasing around and as he says, 'I'm feeling just a little 'Puffed' girlie's!'

Just a little Puffed Girls

But it didn't stop him from having a little trot around and of course he just had to say hello to OTL!

After a while he said he had to go 'cos his owners were getting worried about where he was, you could tell that 'cos they were blowing some damned Dog Whistle they had bought!

Bye Girls, Must Fly!
  We had a laugh about that 'cos OTL has one and he keeps blowing it as well!

OTL spotted a boat chugging by and decided to take a picture just to show how calm the sea was.

Boring Picture of a Boat!
Holly was trying to show me how she can bounce the tennis ball. I just could not get the hang of it and in the end she gave up, telling me I was a 'Lost Cause', Humph! Do you think I care?

Look, Just Like This!

The funniest thing we saw today was some Two Legs, playing on the beach. Instead of building sand castles like they do normally, this pair decided to plant a tree!

Wot a Strange Tree!
Anyone knows that leaves don't look like that!

Back home for a snooze and a chew of some Pigs Ears, the best thing to do on a Sunny Sunday afternoon, you want to try it sometime!

Bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Sure Trev will be pleased with the cloud shot, he is a bit sad today as Fred passed away so I dont think he will be posting tonight.

    Good blog and lovely pictures, did you know Daisy that the make Silk Purses out of Pigs Ears. XX

  2. I love the PS and you playing with your ball

    As Mike said no blog.

  3. Awww Very sad news about Fred xxx