Saturday, 18 July 2015

A Hot Day Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

Phew! It has been warn down here in North Kent, started this morning when Old Two Legs was complaining about it being warm enough to fry your brain!

I think his brain got a bit frazzled 'cos he forgot to put the memory card in the camera and spent some time trying to work out why the camera wouldn't work!

We on the other paw, we put it down to his age!

That can further be proved by the fact that at lunchtime we went off for our walk and he grabbed the camera but when we go to the beach he found he had got the Infrared Camera that had been left set up on Black & White!

You know, if we didn't know better, we say he was going La-La!

Let's face it, who would take a picture of a Poo Bin?

The Grain Poo Bin!
OTL isn't the only one it seems, this Two Legs had cast out the worm but was sitting right up the top of the beach!

Where is the sea?
I headed straight for the sea while OTL sorted out a stick for us to play 'Fetch' with!

Now, because the tide wasn't fully in, that means that it was still shallow enough for me to get a lick on before my paws came off the sea bed!

Look at Me! Zooming like a Bozo Woofer!
Holly could not be tempted to even wet her paws, she was staying well up the beach and on the dry warm pebbles!

Just What is She Like?
We had a great time, me swimming and Holly sun bathing and OTL getting wet from me shaking water all over him!

We stopped off at the bench and I rested on top trying to get a bit drier!

A Damp and Soggy Doggy!
 Holly stayed on the ground, in the shade, and laughed at me for being all wet and soggy!

I may be warm but I'm dry!
 Back home we had a snooze until OTL had to go and collect The Missus from the village hall after her crop.

Tonight OTL is going to have a Kofti Kebab, so we are looking for some good muggings tonight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.


  1. It has been very warm again today. I don't think these TL's cope very well in the heat. My mum keeps forgetting things. You looked like you enjoyed that swim, good to see you zooming along in the water, you even look good dripping on the bench. I'm with Holly though, I don't do water. I had a good walk this morning but no muggings today. That fishing chap looks a bit odd with no sea around. Hope OTL enjoys his kebab tonight, will he let you and Holly have a taste or will he give you something different? I bet your TM will be tired tonight and she's got another very busy day tomorrow. I can smell dinner cooking so I'm off to see if I have better luck with my muggings. Have a lovely evening all, loved the pictures. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. To warm for OTL with no memory and then the wrong camera, what are we to do with him. You and Holly are going to have to take charge of him better, get him a check list to make sure he takes everything out with him. How will he manage six of you if he finds four to hot to handle? Only time will tell. Hope you enjoyed the Kebab, that is of course, if OTL remembered to go and buy it. xxxx