Wednesday, 7 October 2015

It is raining in the lounge, Again!

Hello! Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here again!

And we have all got out life jackets on today!

Old Two Legs attempt to seal everything has failed, we turned on the shower and, SPLOSH, it all came through the ceiling again! OTL is not a Happy Puppy!

So, he has gone back and has spread sealant over places that shouldn't need sealing and we will await for tomorrow to arrive so we can test it again!

For a change, The Missus came out with us this morning, just so she could do some shopping at the local Co-op, but before she could do that she had to come on our morning walk with us!

Now, Miss Snowflake, being a crafty little ferret waited until she got put down on the sand then rushed over to TM and tried to beg a lift saying it was all 'Too Cold and Wet'!

Unfortunately, OTL was standing next to her and reminded her that she had to get her exercise in and on top of that, she hadn't had a wee and a poo yet.

Snowflake that is, not TM!

I'm a poor ferret that needs a lift!
The tide had come right in and was on the way out again but it still covered the rocks, so Snowflake had to wee from the beach but she misjudged it and ended up with a wet butt, again!

Rats! A Wet Butt Again!
I didn't mind about the tide 'cos it was in far enough to have a game of 'Fetch the Stick' and TM was a push over. We even got her to find a stick to throw!

TM even had a go at getting Holly Dog in the water to chase the stick, fat chance!

I don't do wet!
Lunchtime came and the water in the lounge had stopped 'cos OTL had turned off the shower and was hunting places to wave the sealant at!

That stuff has a funny sniff to it and what is worse, it takes twenty four hours to dry!

I don't know why they can't just have a splosh in the sea like wot I does!

The tide had gone out by the time May and April got down to the beach and April found a big rock to have a wee on but she still complained that it was too wet and damp!

I can't wee here, it's all just too wet and damp!
Mind you, April was spending most of the walk inside the ferret bag, poking her head out and blowing raspberries at May!

May was not best pleased and was promising all manner of trouble for April when she got back in the bag!

Just wait until I get back in!
Luckily for April, that didn't happen cos' OTL put them both on the ground for another lesson from me in identifying sniffs.

Both of them were dead keen but they will keep chattering when I'm trying to tell them the important stuff!
Hey! You two, stop chattering and listen to what I have to say!
Both said they were very sorry and then paid attention while I explained about Cross Sniff Identification and how they can change over a period of time if they got too hot, the sniif of course, not the ferrets!

This sniff business is so very complicated sometimes!

We hope Izzy and Hamish are getting over their nasty experience and are making the most of their injuries, I mean, just how often do you get to raid the biscuit tin!

Talking of biscuits, I sniff dinner downstairs, so we are of to see what is on the 'Mugging Menu' tonight!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Oh dear, sorry to hear about the rain inside .......... you'll all have to walk round with umbrellas. What a treat for your TM, being allowed to come on your morning walk, I bet she loved it. Poor Snowflake, not getting away with her asking for a lift. You look good swimming in the sea fetching your stick, what a shame Holly can't be persuaded in but I do understand how she feels about wet ....... I feel the same. Did TM buy you any treats when she went to the shop after the walk? I went to the vets then my mum took me too the local shop and bought me a treat cos I was a good boy. Those page 3 girls are learning lots about sniffs, they'll soon be honorary woofers if they carry on learning from you. You know so much about sniffs and Holly knows lots about boats, speaking of which I'm surprised your TM didn't want to take a piece of that boat home for her craftings. Lots of lovely pictures today and even some of your TM, now all we need is a piccie of OTL on a walk. Hoping Izzy and Hamish are feeling much better. Enjoy your muggings girls. I've got to go into the vets for the day on Friday, they're going to look at my back tooth, my mum pointed it out to them because she thinks all this itching is referred pain (???? whatever that is) anyway the vet agreed with her and she's going to have a look at it to see if it's the cause of my itchy problem and sort it out. I know my favourite nurse is working on Friday so I'm in for lots of cuddles. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. You are not supposed to get rain inside, this seems to be serious, is he sure that the water leak isn't the pipework somewhere because it comes down when he turns the shower on. I don't really know about water and showers so I suppose I should keep my flippers out of it, TM and OTL are going to have to come to the beach with you tomorrow and play throwing the sticks then people wont laugh at them just as long as TM doesn't take her yellow plastic duck! The little ones are being taught well about sniffs, they will soon know as much as you and you can have competitions to gather as many sniffs as you can in a set time. OTL has that super stop watch so it will be an excuse to use it. I am working tomorrow again so am off to bed, tell TM not to make too much noise as the rebounds wake me up, at least I have been blaming her, nite, nite, snooze well. xxxxx

  3. Hi Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May, Miss April & Little Arch.
    Thank you for all your kind get well wishes.
    Just to let you know that we are much better now. Hamish's swelling has all gone down and he just has two itchy scabs left from his bites. He's also a bit put out that the vet shaved his fur on one shoulder so he looks a bit weird. We have been enjoying all the extra biscuits too. I've got very good at my sad face especially as mum is guilty that she can't spend all day cuddling us now that she's well enough to go back to work. Muggings galore!
    Your morning walk with TM looked fun. You've got her well trained at stick throwing. The Page 3 girls look like they really enjoy their walks now and you are certainly very good at teaching Sniff skills. Mum says could you please come in and teach her class next time you go through Penrith on your way to Scotland. She had them crafting with twigs and leaves today making Stone Age shelters. I said Stone Age people would need to know about sniffs to track wild animals.
    Love, wags and woofs from Izzy and Hamish xxx