Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Sunshine Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May and Miss April back again!

This morning we got up a bit later than normal, that's because The Missus was up even earlier and we weren't woken up by her snoring!

Mind you, Old Two Legs was making enough noise for all of us!

It was good to see the sun again, all the clouds were blown away by last nights wind which although it was blowing hard, it was very warm! I mean, November and we get warm winds!


Good Morning Mr Sun!
On our way down to the beach we met up with Barney No.2, he was tickled pink to see OTL and ignored us!

The Half Boat was still there and May went in to see if there were any Hammock Hooks for April to hang her bed on but had no luck. She said that if April wanted sleep on board she would have to bring her own hooks as well as her bed!

No Hooks Here!
 That was it, April decided that if there was no hooks and no hammocks on the boat then she wasn't going sailing on the Half Boat!

No thanks, I'll stay on shore thank you!
Along the Sea Wall both ferrets were having a race to see who could get home first but it was a tie in the end 'cos both their leads were the same length!

I'm Winning!
Back home Holly and I had some chicken waiting for us and Holly, being a bit of a joker said that the chicken tasted a bit like ferret!

Naughty Holly!

We were mooching about in OTL's office and I found Snowflakes Egg, it's a toy that shaped like an egg, it rattles if you shake it. Snowflake loved this toy and always took it to bed with her and she hid it during the day.

I found it in the bag of squeaky toys in the 'Pets R Us' bag!

So I've decided I'll look after it for her until another ferret 'Finds' it! 

Look, Snowflakes Egg!
We all went out lunchtime and had a super stroll along the Sea Wall, we found the waders that the Wormy Man had left over the bench.

The  Girls had a good sniff and said that it sniffed of Worms, so, we reckon The Worms got him and he is now getting lessons on not digging for worms!

Still no Wormy Man!
Back home April was soon asleep but May was more interested in charging about the office and rolling about on our cushions!

Holly and I had to stay in the bedroom, resting on the bed, until May was ready to go for her afternoon snooze, mind you, OTL's bed is rather comfortable!

OTL has ordered a new Ferret Bag for May and April with their embroidered names around a picture of a ferret!

With a bit of luck, that will be with us next week. So that means they can go out in their very own Ferret Bag!

We are off now to see what OTL had for dinner and if it is worth mugging him for it!

Last night we had to watch a cooking program and one of the cooks burnt an onion and called it 'Caramelized', OTL said that there was nothing special about that at all 'cos TM always Caramelises his dinners!

That's when the fight started!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May and Miss April.


  1. Wasn't it nice to see the sun this morning, it was over our way as well, mind by lunchtime it had moved on. That wind wasn't nice last night, I was left home alone for a while and I wasn't a happy Arch. Mind, thanks to Barney wind, I found a lovely sniffy sniff in the garden and I rolled off that stink of baby powder that the grooming lady put on me yesterday, I've got eau de dead stinky insect, you girls would love it. How can that Barney woofer ignore you girlies ........... does he need to go to specsavers? I think it's about time that half boat moved on, no one wants it, it's got no hammock hooks, it's got no lid to stop the rain getting in ......... it's rubbish. It's good to hear that you're looking after Snowflakes favourite egg toy and keeping it safe. I hope that wormy man isn't going to pop out of one of those boots and give the page 3 girls a fright. I hope OTL has got something really nice for his tea tonight and not caramelized stuff, that can be a bit crunchy, I hear my boy crunching sometimes when the smoke alarm is a bit late going off. Tell OTL and TM they mustn't fight or one of them will have to go and live in the caravan! Stay warm and snuggly girls, that wind is coming back here at the moment. Love and licks from little (back to normal smell) Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh dear, you are on rocky ground there I think it might me caramelized Doggie for Sundays' dinner, count me out, I would sooner have chicken! Lovely warm glowing pictures from this morning all yellowy but it was till quite early, lucky you managed an extra bit of sleep in the stillness, TM must have been playing gluing and slapping not turbo hoovering. I am sure that Snowflakes egg will be highly prized by her successor so you keep it safe until then. Nearly Saturday an early start as you will be needing your morning walk before the long car ride to Harrietsham but nice to know that you won't have to be caged again. So now the plank has still gone but a pair of waders to add to the half boat, Missus April and May could claim one each, great fun to ferret into and what a shock for the wormy man if he came back while they were occupied! Off out this evening to see what is for dinner, I shall report to you what it is but a bit too early to get a doggie bag for you. xxxxxx

  3. Daisy you are very cheeky saying that TL is a noisy sleeper and caramalising her cooking. Don't forget that it's TM that prepares your scoff and she may try out some caramalising on your chicken and hearts!! I think it will be really nice for the Page 3 Girls to have their own special ferret bag. Then Miss Snowflake's bag can be retired and hung in a special place. Maybe it could look after her egg toy? I'm glad you had a sunny day. It's been pouring down here. Hamish and I had to wear our coats. Our TL has got wise to Hamish running to his bed as soon as he sees his coat. We now run into the porch to get our leads and then TL shuts the door on us and pulls out our coats. Hamish falls for it everything. I love my coat and don't understand what all the fuss is about. Anyway we still came back with soaking tummies and legs. That's the problem with having little legs. All the splashes hit our tummies.
    I'm very worries about the worry man. Have you looked inside his long waders? Could the worms have eaten him from his head down? Yuk!
    Have to go to bed now. It's teeth chew time.
    Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. Wags, sniffs and woofs from Izzy xxx