Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Brass Monkey Weather!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.

It has been terrible today!

This morning it was freezing, like, so cold that Old Two Legs let the ferrets stay at home while Holly and I froze our tails off on the beach!

Both sets of ferrets got let off the beach run today. I'm not too sure if OTL was feeling sorry for them or he just didn't want to hang about waiting for them to finish rummaging around in the frozen grass!

Can you imagine what will happen if the Snow Fairy visits!

You know, it was so cold that OTL left his camera in the car, put on his big gloves and said it was 'Brass Monkey Weather'!

Back home we came across the man from the garage who had come to collect the big car for a service. OTL reckons there should me nothing too expensive to repair this time, but he was keeping his claws crossed!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again and there, on the beach, tucked under the Sea Wall was a female Two Legs, sitting on the shells, back against the wall reading a news paper, The Sun!

There is always one you can meet!
OTL said 'Hello' and she just looked at him and mumbled something which OTL reckons was 'Clear Orf'!

No, I didn't understand her either!
 We left her sitting there trying to  get either a tan or frostbite!

Holly managed to develop a Grumbly Tum over the last couple of days and today it got to the stage where OTL had to take her to the vets!

My butt don't feel too good!
At home, OTL gave her butt a wipe and kept it as a 'Sample' for the vet. He needn't have bothered 'cos when Holly arrived at the vets, in the middle of the waiting room, she let go a pile on the floor!

Well, it wasn't a pile really 'cos it sort of went 'Splat' and stayed there until the vet came out.

'Aha! I see wot the problem is' says the vet, sharpening up a stabbing needle and he gave Holly a dose of antibiotic into her shoulder and sent OTL off with some tablets and that ProKolin wot bungs you up!

OTL was weeping again at the size of the bill and said he was seriously considering getting a muzzle for Holly Chops to stop her eating anything other than what The Missus gives her!

Just for now though,  Holly has the same dustbin sized pills I had and the ProKolin stuff.

I can see Holly going off for an early night tonight 'cos as she says, she has a 'Sore Butt'!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Poor Holly, sore butt again. When I read about OTL considering getting her a muzzle I expected it to be for her nether regions not her eating regions!! She and Archie make a good couple but then Holly didn't eat polystyrene leaves, well as least I don't think she did. The monkeys have been very frozen here as well, Michael went out at 7-15 am to have my car MOT'd and the ground was still white when he came back two hours later bringing home as new Certificate and having had several cups of tea and batters like what men do when they say they don't. I hope the big car is well and doesn't need too many spare parts or it will be bread and dripping again for TM. Take care of those expensive pills, you can always try giving them to the car might work a treat. Hope Wednesday is warmer and kinder to you all, I will be back to see. xxxxxx

  2. Evening little maties down by the very cold seaside. It's been very cold here as well today but I did go up the shops to see my friend Brenda for a cuddle, I met Boris the bounce on the way but because the pavements were so slippy my mum decided that we should just wag tails on opposite sides of the road. Poor Holly chops, I know just how she feels, sore butt, pills the size of dinner plates, horrible stuff to take and being stabbed with a very sharp needle. I don't blame Holly for leaving a pile on the vets floor, I might just do that myself next time I have to go. I have to wear a muzzle when I go out for walks, cos like Holly, I eat anything and everything, so the muzzle stops me eating anything that might give me a grumbly tum, but cos I don't wear it indoors or in the garden, sometimes I sneak something that I shouldn't. Then on the other paw, if I didn't get a grumbly tum, I wouldn't get all the cuddles from the nurses, mind, I don't like being stabbed and one of the medicines stings a bit. Lucky ferrets being able to stay warm and snug at home. I hope OTL's big car is ok or maybe it might have to be stabbed with a nasty needle. As for that rude TL sitting on the beach, I reckon, if she's a sun reader, that explains a lot. I don't want the snow fairy to visit, it's bad enough with that Jack Frost visiting. Have a warm snuggly evening I would say make sure you get your muggings but if Holly has the grumblies, probably better that she don't do mugging. I hope her tum feels better very soon, she'll need extra cuddles. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  3. Oh dear! Poor Holly chops with her grumbly tum and sore butt and what an embarrassment at the vets. Poor OTL's wallet too. That lady was a bit strange sitting on the beach, perhaps she thought that her sun newspaper would warm her up. Why was she wearing a high viz jacket if she doesn't want people to see her or talk to her. My dad wears a high viz jacket at work so we easily spot him when he comes home. We watch him from the window upstairs and then run downstairs as fast as we can. I think that we live too far away for her to be on a lunchbreak from Dad's work. It wasn't too chilly here today, the sun was shining. I only joined Hamish and Bella for one of their walks today, they went on patrol three times. Dad said it's to try and tire Hamish out more because he has a habit of waking up a lot during the night and barking to be let out because he hears the wind blowing a leaf or a hedgehog shuffle past the back gate, or our neighbour's milkman at 3.30am, or a fat rat run under next door's shed, or a moth flap its wings etc etc. Strangely when we are away in the caravan, he sleeps very deeply and we have to kick him off the bed to get up in the morning. Hope you had a warm, snuggly evening and hope that Holly takes her giant saucepan lid pills ok and her grumbly tum bunged up soon. love, wags, sniffs and woofs from Izzy ps. pups are all doing well and sleeping for longer so I'm getting more time for cuddles with mum. I'm also getting five dinners a day because I AM SO VERY VERY HUNGRY from feeding the pups. xxxxxx