Sunday, 15 January 2017


Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here.

Well, there's not much you can say about today, other than it's been wet all day!

Out for a run this morning, without the ferrets 'cos it was raining.

They stayed in bed, we got wet!

It was so wet that Old Two Legs didn't even take his camera.

Back home to a good rub down with the Doggy Towel and dive into our 'Day Beds' to get dry and warm again!

The ferrets had a good rampage around the house and both Wendy and Freddy got a splash of anti flea stuff between their shoulder blades. Not that they have fleas but it is just a precaution, a bit like the stuff OTL puts between our shoulder blades each month. So far, we've not had fleas and the other stuff we have when we go away has kept the ticks away as well!

May and Eric will have to wait a little while until his operation starts to heal before OTL splashed it on them.

That reminds me, OTL has got some worming tablets from the vet which he has to try to get us to take. Just like Archie Babes tablets, they are the size of dustbin lids and have a taste that makes you go YUK!

If we plan it right, we could have a pound of blue cheese with these tablets before they get worn away with us spitting them out!

Lunchtime walk was about the same, wet!

No camera and our rain coats were too wet to wear, so we got wet, again!

Being a Sunday we decided to have a rest on the sofa with out paws up and watch a DVD. Holly wanted to watch 101 Dalmatians but in the end we settled for 'Lord of the Rings' 'cos OTL had the controller!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.


  1. Wet is the word for the day, I don't know where "Sun" day got its name should be called "Wed" day. Does this flea spray work when it has been made wet with the rain and then rubbed off on the doggie towel or does it mean that once it has dried the fleas find somewhere else. Don't blame OTL for not taking his camera, he will have to get a stash of pictures on a good day to show us when it rains or we get withdrawal symptoms not seeing your beautiful faces. I hear that OTL is going to reach a grand age tomorrow, five years off a free television license and only four years before he has to claim for it. That means he will be wearing the remote control around his neck and commandeering the TV set, tell TM to get watching while she has the chance! Enjoy the blue cheese and watch out for dustbin lids, I do think you are exaggerating a little bit, probably only dinner plate size but still plenty of scope for a nice chunk of blue cheese, you could have a sausage roll, I have some. Today we had Christmas, well sort of, Roast Turkey for dinner followed by Christmas Pudding, the reason I said sort of was because we had Hot Cross Buns at lunchtime. Hope you get to share the birthday cake, so:-
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear OTLLLLLLLLLL,
    Happy Birthday to you. xx

    There, please pass my message on xxxxxx

  2. Wet & miserable here today too. Started with a trip the vets for me cause I had a dose of the grumbly tum and mum wanted me checked out. Of course the pups came too a were deemed fit & well whilst having cuddles. I was given the pro-Kalin that you get but mine is in a syringe and squirts very tasty paste in my mouth. I think you should talk to your vet as mine is much better than dustbin lids. I also got stabbed and given anti inflammitries because I may have mastitis because I've only got 3 pups and they don't use all my teats so there's 2 that are getting a bit blocked up. Mum will keep a very close eye on me. We all really hope that OTL has a fantastic day being old tomorrow. He can be young again the day after. I hope TM has an extra large cake for him so there will be lots left for you. Please say hi to Eric from us. I hope his missing bits are no longer sore. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy xxxxxxxx

  3. Morning little maties wot got wet. Sorry I didn't post last night but we had an early night. Glad to hear you had time to put your paws up today. It has been very wet. Sorry to hear that Izzy had a grumbly tum, hope she soon gets over it. I'll catch you all later today. Love, licks, wags and sniffs and happy birthday OTL. Little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx