Thursday, 23 May 2013

We meet some really Strange Sniffin Noises!

Hello Woofers!

It's McDaisy & MacHolly back again from a rather showery Scotland!

The Missus wanted to do some card making today and ordered us all out of the caravan and we were told to 'Clear Off' for the day!

Well, we don't mind 'cos that means some fun time with Old Two Legs!

First of all we stopped in the middle of nowhere, in fact it was so remote that there wasn't even any sheep wandering about, and that's very unusual for Scotland!

We all went running up the side of the mountain and across a bit of boggy ground and because we are small and light, we just skipped across, unlike OTL who is big, fat and heavy and he started to sink into the bog! Well, he would have done if he didn't jump back quickly and go the long way around! We got to the top and just as we got there, it started to rain!

Back down we went as fast as we could go and believe it or not, Holly was the first one down and next to the car!

A bit further down the road, OTL: stopped the car and took a picture of a Sea Eagle sitting right at the top of a tree, it was miles away and we had trouble seeing it at first. OTL got his 'Show Off Lens' out and took some pictures, not very good 'cos the bird was too far away!

Watch The Birdy!
We then stopped at the forest where they have built a new road, this is so the trucks can get in and out with all the cut down trees. I stood near to the top and did one of my 'Woofing Howls' and pretended to be a big bad wolf of the forest. Holly said that it sounded more like Snowflake with a bad cough!

Howling Wolf?
Cheeky Mutt!

OTL has been looking for Rhododendrons in flower but Spring has come late up here and they are as rare as Sea Eagles in North Kent!

He took us down to the park where a couple of years ago he drove the car too close to the edge of the road and fell off! Remember?

Well, not really any super displays Rhododendrons, just a couple of bushes with a flower or two, so we went for a stalk around to see what we could see.

First of all, we came across a seriously strange sniff that Holly reckons to be a Lesser Spotted Haggis! I said she was making that up but we didn't hang about too long to find out, just in case!

Lesser Spotted What?
Then we came across an old building that was all locked up but we could hear a strange noise coming from the ground floor, so we both went to investigate. We could hear this snoring sort of noise and Holly said it more than likely to be another Lesser Spotted Haggis or maybe even Greater Black Backed Haggis, and they are not very nice precious!

So we did a small 'Woof' and ran away after OTL who would look after us!

Let's get the Woof outta here!
That was it, we decided to creep back to the caravan and have a bite to eat 'cos we missed out on our breakfast this morning and I wanted to get the blog typed up so OTL can get down to the Chocolate Shop and upload it!

So, he is about to go off before the shop shuts and we're going to grab some snooze time before dinner.

Tomorrow we may go down to the sandy beach, if the sun shines!

Bye bye for now!


McDaisy & MacHolly


  1. Sounds like another fun day. I wonder what was in that place that smelt so much and made noises ........ hmmmmm. Lovely piccies. Hope the rain stays away for you xx

  2. Hi McGirls,

    so you got thrown out of the van before breakfast then, well that's sad.
    Mind you you seem to have had a good day running about with OTL sinking in the bog, that must have cheered you up.
    Looks a bit like down here up there now, still at least you got a snooze this afternoon whilst the master was sipping chocolate and posting the blog.
    Don't forget your water wings tomorrow or is it a hot water bottle. XXXX

  3. Hi there McDaisy and McHolly enjoyed reading about your adventures again, good on seeing the Sea Eagle and managing a photo, hope OTL is telling you all about our comments. By the time he gets home he will look like a Hot Chocolate, still it gets him out. Don't forget wings and bottle like Michael said. xx