Sunday, 31 October 2010

Down in the Woods

Good morning everyone!

Did you turn your clocks back? Old Two Legs didn't so he got up an hour earlier than he needed!

OTL is having a shower so I thought I'd let you know what happened yesterday. OTL it seems did not like my Paw Painting on his pillow, he's been moaning about mud and grit in his ears, at least, I think he said grit, you just can't please him sometimes!

Me and Holly went in the car with OTL down to the farm, just the other side of the 'Big Town' (super smells there, Curry, Cheese Burgers, Kebabs and Chinese food). Driving in the car it's good fun barking at the people on the path and sticking our tongues out at the other drivers! OTL winds down the window so we can stick our heads out of the window and do some 'Speed Sniffing', it's just amazing how many sniffs you can get in such a short time!

The Farm is a brilliant place, it's got hedgerows and trees where Holly and I run, chasing the foxy smells. OTL seems to spend most of his time calling us back from the trees, just as we start rolling in a particularly good smell. 

OTL claims it is fox poo, but we don't care cos it smells wonderful.

In the woods we just love charging about looking for rabbits, you have got to do that to keep OTL happy. Our barking keeps them hidden in their burrows though. Going deeper into the woods you may find a Badger or two, we keep close to OTL because an old Labrador we met told us Badgers eat little puppies like us. We haven't seen a Badger yet but we don't take any chances, OTL will keep us safe.

I thought I had found a Badger, I was snuffling around the back of a log pile when I heard a snuffle coming from the other side of the logs. So I crept slowly and quietly around the logs trying not to make a noise on the leaves, I peeked around the corner, and saw nothing!

I could still hear the suffling but further around the logs, so, off I went, creeping around the logs looking for the snuffling 'Puppy Eating Badger'. As I wasn't catching up with the Badger I decided that instead of going around the logs, I'd go over the top.

Slowly I climbed up to the top and peeked over.

There was Holly, nose down, backside up up in the air, snuffling along the logs. 'Psst' I said 'Wotcha got?' 'Shhhhhh' she said, I think I've found a Badger!

I didn't say anything, I had a pee and chased off after OTL.

Everyone knows you don't get Badgers during the day time! 

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