Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Happy Days!

Hello and thanks for dropping by to look at my little blog.

After posting yesterdays effort Old Two Legs took Holly and I out for a walk over the fields. A bit cold it was, what with the wind blowing in off the sea, gets right up your tail it does! 
Holly and I are still yapping about our birthday party. We had loads of presents, squeaky toys that are great to play with when OTL wants to watch his television. 
The Missus wanted a birthday picture of me & Holly, so we played that one to the limit.
I reckon we must have had a whole packet of Doggy Chocs and half a chicken before we were both looking at the camera! 
This obedience thing can be a great laugh. 
When Holly is over we go out with a 'yoke' type of strap so that we are both walking together on one lead. No problem with that, we can still have a tussle while walking along the foot path. 
The best bit is when we come to the kerb. OTL pulls us back so we are both facing the road then commands 'sit', we don't move, so a little louder he says 'Sit', still no one moves, now he gets all bossy and bellows 'SIT', so one of us sits. 
He then calls 'sit' again but then adds Holly or Daisy, depending on who is still standing. At that point, slowly and with great style the standing one sits, and at the same time the sitting one stands.

He then says 'sit' and adds the others name. So, again, one of us sits as the other stands. 
After a while our tails are like two pistons pumping up and down, sit, stand, sit, stand, sit, stand, ............Gotcha Two Legs!

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