Sunday, 21 November 2010

Birding with OTL

Hello everyone Daisy Here Again!

Me and OTL have had a super day, we've been all over the place today. We started off by going for a late walk over the fields. It was late because The Missus was playing about getting all her card making gear together. She is going off to a 'Crop' with her mates and just did not have the time to take me out. It is amazing just how much stuff she has to take to make just one card!

By the time me and OTL got back TM had gone, so it was just me and OTL to load the car up with all the gear, you know, water, biscuits, chews, bowls, chicken dinner, sleeping bed, towel to dry me and a packet of 'chicken fillets' that I just LOVE! Oh,I forgot,OTL camera and stuff.

Well off we went and OTL would not tell me where we were going! It was great, I recognized the car park when we pulled in, it was Grove Ferry! I love this place!

As soon as we got over the road I was let off the lead and I streaked off down the path towards the reeds, this place is all reeds, smells and Foxes and more reeds!

Reeds Everywhere!
Well, I woofed at a couple of Twitchers, two ducks and a swan. Then OTL took me into the 'hide'. I was a good girl and didn't mug anyone, mainly because I couldn't smell any food!

So, I sat there and watched the ducks.
Duck Watching Daisy!
We stayed there for a couple of hours, had some lunch and OTL suggested we go off to Northwood Hill  to see the Barn Owl or even the Little Owl, I've not seen the Barn Owl yet.

A little later we arrived and set off to see the Barn Owl, as with most of OTL's bird plans, the Barn Owl had either gone out before we arrived or stayed in bed!

We did see the Little Owl but it was soooo far away that the photograph was all fuzzy! Just like OTL!
The Little Owl
OTL says you should try clicking on the picture as it makes the owl still looks fuzzy to me!!


  1. What a fabulous day! You are so lucky to get all these days out. Dougal is really quite jealous. Hugs, Mary & Dougal X

  2. hello daisy &OTL sounds like you had a great day,otl is right about clicking on the photo it's a good picture you were lucky to see the owl daisy,polly,milly on see pheasants well all for now hugs ginnyx