Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cloudy Monday

 Hello Everyone!

Last night seemed a little 'quiet', no Holly barking at the noises in the night and that frost this morning, Brrrrrr. Even I thought twice about going out over the fields!

I spent the morning wandering between my 'day bed' in Old Two Legs office and the bedroom window. I keep thinking I hear Holly's bark, so I rush to the window to see her, but she's not there.

So, I sit down and keep an eye on the people going past before going back to the 'day bed'.

Looking for Holly
OTL got told about the frost and me having second thoughts about the cold, so,being a practical sort of Two Legs, he suggested that it was because I was feeling the cold (Too Right)!

He suggested that it would be a good idea to get me a coat.

Now, don't call me ungrateful but looking at OTL's coat, I don't think I'd look 'The Business' with my front legs shoved down where he shoves his arms!

On the next blog I'll let you know what happened!

Have a fun day!!


Daisy G

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