Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Daisy's New Coat

Hello, it's me again!

Now before we go any further, I think I'd better explain about the cold, wind and rain, and me.

Unlike Holly, who has a thick coat of hair, my hair is light and soft and thin and it doesn't protect me from the nasty weather! 
So, any help I can get with keeping me dry and warm is most welcome!

Yesterday OTL suggested a coat for me, so off we went to the local doggy shop.

Now that place has smells you could die for!

I just could not contain myself, it was GLORIOUS, there was even Rabbits in glass cages! 

There were things called Hamsters that look like small rats! 

Sort of 'See before you Eat' I suppose, but I would chase them rather than eat them!

Well, we got to the coat section and OTL started getting out different coats for me to try. There were big butch ones and there were some with furry edging, all in PINK! 

Euck! and Double Euck!

Finally we settled on one that looks like it would keep the wind out.

Problem is, to get it to cover all my back down to my tail, I have to get a 'medium' size coat but the strap that goes under my tummy is just too long. No dog can be that fat!
In need of some Adjustment!

OTL has some sewing to do to shorten the straps and get them out of the way!

Well wadda ya think?

The Business or Wot?

OTL says it the Dogs Do-Da's, but I've seen Buster next door and it had better not look like his Do-Da's or there will be Big Trouble!

 Bye for now.........Daisy


  1. Daisy look lovely. Brown is sooooo this years colour!

    Love and hugs from 'The Missus'

  2. Hi Daisy, Super coat you look really Cool! Dougal is feeling the cold too. But we have sent an S.O.S. to Gran, and hopefully she is knitting a jumper for him as we speak. Take care. Hugs. Mary & Dougal X

  3. Do Granma's knit jumpers? Wow!

    I am going to see Grandma today so I will ask if she can knit me one as well. Do you think she will be able to put pockets in it so I can keep my chews safe when I go out?



  4. oh daisy you look divine darlinnnnnng so designer, it is just what you want to keep the cold and wet out, it is freezing out their to day as we all went out this afternoon hugs polly,daisy, milly xx