Sunday, 14 November 2010

Escape Bid #1

Hello All,

Today I'm not a 'Happy Puppy' cos Holly is due to go home tomorrow morning (Sunday).

She has been getting all soppy and getting on OTL's lap for a stroke and a cuddle. 

Still, I don't mind really, 'cos I got Old Two Legs to myself the rest of the time!

Soppy Holly
I hope she will be back soon 'cos I do miss our long walks together and cuddles at night!

Now I hinted at my latest escape bid yesterday. I've managed to find a part of the garden where OTL and The Missus can't see me from the lounge or kitchen windows. My plan is to dig a hole under the fence.

Well I got going but hit a problem, I went down OK, but forgot to turn Right, instead, I turned Left and headed towards the middle of the lawn. OTL spotted me and despite my story of chasing after a Greasy Badger and any way it was Holly digging the hole, I got in trouble, again!

Escape Bid or Hunting Badger or It wasn't Me!

Still, it was fun watching him fill the hole back in again.

At least I'll know where the earth is soft for the next attempt!

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