Saturday, 27 November 2010

Fun Friday

Hello Everyone,

I've had a good day today, OLT took me out this morning over the fields and it was COLD! There was frost on the ground and the plants and the wind seemed to go right through you! 

I had some fun sniffing the frozen plants while OTL played around with his camera taking pictures of the plants. Me, I'd rather sniff them than take pictures!

Frosty Grass

 Well, we have been out delivering OTL's work stuff and picking stuff up and also we stopped a few times for walkies. I got mugged by a couple of small puppies, about four months old, but they were BIG, I've never seen Jack Russell's so ENORMOUS! Honest!

We got back home in time for some lunch and a game of 'Tiggle My Tum'. OTL starts off by rubbing my head but I roll over and put my legs in the air and he tiggles my tummy and oh boy, does that make me laugh!

Tiggle my Tum!

This weekend we may get some snow, or so OTL says, 

Not too sure what snow is but OTL says it's like 'Fairy's' that I love to chase. So, I'm looking forward to that!

Have a good weekend and see you soon



  1. Stay warm indoors Daisy....but watch out for the glitter stuff cos I am making Christmas cards this morning.... love from 'The Missus' x

  2. In that case, I'm off with OTL all day! No cuddles for you!