Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Holly's Back!

A Wet and Windy Hello to you all!

A few things to tell you, first of all Holly has come to visit, for a few days. Seems her house is being decorated and it was decided that wet paint, wallpaper paste and Holly don't mix!!!

No more whizz bangs, so we both got a good nights sleep. I bet Dougal is pleased the Whizz Bangs have finished, back to an unbroken evening snooze, before the 'real' night time sleep!

Old Two Legs and I went out on Sunday and did photography and some bird watching, I saw my first White-Fronted Goose, that goes into my 'Life List'!!

Does it taste like chicken?

Well Monday was fun, fun, fun. Me and Holly have spent the day running around the house, me chasing Holly and Holly chasing me. 

We barked at the Postman, (he calls me 'Killer') but he's very nice really.

The wind was beginning to blow when we went out for our morning walk and OTL had to pick me up for a cuddle 'cos the wind and rain got right through to my skin. A run around the field with Holly warmed me up though.

We spent most of the day with OTL in his office, it's nice and warm and away from The Missus with her jet powered vacuum cleaner! 

This is me and Holly having an afternoon snoozette!

Afternoon Snoozette in OTL's office.
 Y'know life don't get much better than this!


  1. Hi Daisy, glad you and Holly are having such fun, Dougal is indeed enjoying the peace and quiet, he got a haircut yesterday and he is feeling the cold so has been snuggled up in his bed, Hugs from Mary & Dougal x

  2. Yo Dougal,

    Haircuts are alright in the summer but this time of the year I reckon they could be a bit drafty! Holly and me got ours booked for 13th December. I just hope it's not snowing!

    Have a good (warm) day CUSN,

    Daisy & Holly