Saturday, 13 November 2010

I can be Cute

Hello Again!

When The Missus puts my food down in the kitchen, I always thank her and have a sniff at what's on offer. Sometimes it's chicken or liver and sometimes it is the stuff they buy in the doggy shop.

I don't bother to eat it straight away, but I go into the dining room because I know they are about to have their food.

It is great fun trying to mug some grub from them. 

I sit next to them, and whimper, then I try a quiet woof. 

If that doesn't work a louder woof and a stroke from my paw on their thigh gets their attention. 

Now I have been working on 'cute' ever since I was a small puppy. 

Let's face it, could you refuse me anything when I do this?

I do Cute

That's right, serious cute this is and it has taken hours of practice. You lot don't realize just how much effort goes into getting to this stage. 

Me and Holly are both 'Third Level Martial Arts Cute' you know, 'Black Collar with Bones'

My sister Holly

Trouble is, OTL & TM have become immune and only sometimes, I may get a bit of meat from the table. 

Still, you can't blame a dog for trying and there is always food in the kitchen if I get hungry!


  1. Hi Daisy, Dougal tries that too, If it doesn't work he moves onto "sad hungry look with tremble" Now that you have "cute" almost perfect you could try that. Hugs Mary & Dougal x

  2. Now Daisy, you and me need to sort things. You need to get some extra friends on your side that could maybe help. Next time Im over get to work being friendly with me and maybe I will have a word with TM!!!!!! lol xx

  3. Sad, Hungry Look? Mmmmm now that's an idea. Do you think the 'sore paw' held up would enhance the effect?

    As for Angela trying the Blackmail bit.......NO WAY.......You come with treats or me and Holly will play hell with your Glitter Pot and Grunge Paper! So There!