Thursday, 25 November 2010

I've made a discovery!

Hello to you all!

I often meet other dogs when I'm out walking with OTL and if you don't know, there is a sort of ceremony  we doggy's do to work out who gets the 'respect'!

In my case, I stand there, all erect and tail up in the air, then I jump forward a few steps to see what reaction I get from the other dog. Once we have worked out who gets the respect, it's then a game of chase.

Now, I'm sort of young and small when I'm stood next to most of the doggy's I meet and normally it is me wot gets chased! I get a little worried because they are bigger, rougher and tougher than me. This normally results in me yelping like I've been bitten and being picked up by OTL as I try to scramble up his leg!

But I'm learning!

Yesterday, OTL and I were out walking around the football field when a Staffy appeared all big and rough, tough and ready for trouble. We went through the 'Who's the Boss' bit and then he started to chase me!

I started off by running around in a big circle with my tail tucked under my bottom, as normal, then ran to OTL. He didn't pick me up! So, I ran around again and jumped up to OTL, he still didn't pick me up! So, I ran around again. I then noticed that the Staffy could not turn as quickly as me. Hey! Salvation! So, I ran to the Staffy and then at the last moment, swerved away, the Staffy almost fell over as he tried to turn!

I reckon I'm on a winner here, all those games of chase with Holly look like they are paying off!

So, off I went to find another big doggy and see what I can do!

Well, it didn't take long, Buster and Jake turned up. Buster lives next door to me and Jake is his mate. 

Now Buster is getting on a bit but Jake is only five years old and a Greyhound type of dog, you know really, really, fast. So, I try the swerving bit again, and it works! Oh WOW! 

Jake before the Fall

By the time we had finished I was chasing Jake while he was still trying to go round corners. He even fell over twice trying to turn as quickly as I do!

Turning the Tables!
 See you tomorrow,

Dodger Daisy

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